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Queries by Subject

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I would like to get a listing of the speedtype values for all of my cost centers or projects within my department - for reference. Is such a report available?
  • Enter your department
This will list the entire chartfield string for any cost centers or projects within the department.
How do I get a list of all cost centers or projects that are under my department?
  • Enter Department
  • Enter Fund: (can use "%")
If you only want departments for a specific fund, you need to enter that fund number. However to get all departments, use the wildcard. Please note that this list is both active and inactive cost centers/projects.
I want to get my AP voucher detail, ie vendor information.
  • Account, Cost Center, Department, Project and Fund are all optional.
  • You need to at least enter one of these fields or the query will be running everything for UTSA and that will bog down the system.
  • You can also use a wildcard in any of these fields.
  • Enter account (if you want to see specific payments to that account).
There are various other areas that can be completed, ie, Vendor number for specific vendor payments, etc... Beginning and Ending accounting dates are required fields. Please note that this report shows only AP vouchers. If you have journal entries on your cost center, they will not appear here. The report provides the voucher number, vendor number, vendor name, invoice number, amount paid, chartfield string, etc. The amount that you want to look at is in column N (Detail Line Amount). This will also provide you with payment information (ACH or Check) to include payment date. If it is a check payment − the check number is also provided − it will always start with a "30". An ACH payment starts with "31". It does not provide the detail of the Citibank charges – see below query.
I need to get a list of travel payments for my department or cost center.
Run UTZ_TE_ER_PRMPT_BY_BU_AND_ACCT Enter the Business Unit: "UTSA1"
You can enter any of the following:
  • Account
  • Employee ID
  • Cost Center
  • Department
Beginning and Ending accounting dates are required fields.
This provides a summary description, shows the method used for payment (ID ACH or Check) and gives the payment date and payment record.
There is a UTZ document on my cost center, I don’t remember making a deposit- how can I find more information on this?
  • Enter the Journal ID (ie, UTZ00041285)
    Cost Center − either enter your cost center or project. If entering a project, then must enter % in the cost center. Project − either enter your cost center or project. If entering a cost center, then must enter % in the project.
    I need to get the details on my Procard payments, is there a report that provides that information?
    • You can run this query by Employee ID, Department, Cost Center or Project
    • You must enter beginning and ending dates.
      The query will provide the voucher number, the employee ID of the card holder, the statement date, merchant, amount and chartfield string.
      Is there a report that provides my free balance?
      • Fiscal Year is required.
      You can specify a period, and the report will run through that period, or if you leave the period blank, it will provide information that is year to date. You can also run by your department in order to get a listing of the free balance on all of the cost centers under your department. Note that you can also use the wildcard for your Department. The information pulls from KK and OPE information. The free balance on the report is the same as what you see under Detail Accounting Period under OPE criteria.
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