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Student Athlete FAQ's

Why is my cash grant smaller than I expected?

At the time your Cash Grant disburses, if there are any unpaid charges on your account the Cash Grant will be applied to those charges.  This will result in a smaller Cash Grant refund, or no refund at all if the charges exceed the amount of your Cash Grant.

Where is my refund for living expenses?

If you have signed up for Direct Deposit, your refund will be process 2-3 business days after the funds disburse to UTSA.  If you are having your check mailed to you, it will take 2-3 days to process the check plus any additional days it takes the check to reach you by mail.  Please make sure that your address is current if you are having the check mailed to you.  The most common delays are when the address is out of date.  It is recommended that you sign up for direct deposit to expedite the receipt of your funds.

The meal plan option that I chose costs less than the awarded allowance.  What happens to the rest of those funds?

You may have selected a smaller meal plan since some of your time is off campus and you may not need 3 meals a day on campus.  If your Athletics scholarship includes board charges and you choose a meal plan option that costs less than the allowance, you will be issued the difference as a Cash Grant to assist you with the meals that you may eat off campus.

I was awarded a scholarship for books.  Why are these funds not showing in my account?

Unlike other aid which disburses into your account, these funds will not pay out to your account as other aid does.  If you were awarded a book scholarship, the Athletic Department will make arrangements with you to receive your textbooks.  This award will only appear on your award letter as a means of tracking the amount of aid received as part of your overall Cost of Attendance.

Athletics is supposed to cover my housing and meals but I live off campus.  How will those expenses be covered?

UTSA will award you a Cash Grant based on the official allowance for on campus housing and meals charges to assist you with your living expenses.  The Cash Grant will disburse twice a semester and it will be your responsibility to pay your rent and living expenses from these funds.

I received a scholarship from an outside donor.  Why has it not been applied to my account?

In order to ensure that your scholarship meets the eligibility criteria as established by the NCAA, additional information regarding the scholarship needs to be obtained from the donor of the scholarship.  Once this information is received it is reviewed by both the Financial Aid Office as well as Athletics to determine if it meets the eligibility requirements.  This may cause delay in your scholarship being awarded.  In order to expedite the process, please complete the External Scholarship Form and provide the contact information for the donor of the scholarship.

The Athletics Aid that I am receiving does not cover my bill.  How do I apply for additional financial assistance?

You will want to complete the FAFSA to determine your eligibility for additional financial aid.   Financial aid includes any aid that is administered by UTSA, including institutional need based grants, state and federal need-based grants, loans from the government, and federal work-study funding.  You may be ineligible for certain types of grants or scholarships since they may count against individual team limits.

I am only receiving Athletic Scholarships that only cover part of my expenses.  Why am I not eligible for certain types of grants or scholarships to help me with the difference?

The NCAA has established limitations on the number of financial aid awards a member institution may provide to countable student-athletes.  As a recruited student-athlete, certain types of grants and scholarships will count against the overall team scholarship limit.  Whether your Athletic scholarship is for $400 or $14,000, you will not be eligible for any aid with eligibility criteria that would have it count against the overall team limit.

What happens if I have already accepted outside aid and it is now determined that I am not eligible to keep it?

If the donor has already sent the funds to UTSA, we will return the funds to the scholarship organization and provide an explanation as to why the funds are being returned.

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