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Types of Financial Aid

Primary Types of Aid

Financial Aid comes in many forms and includes funds at offered at the federal, state and institutional level. Most financial aid funds are awarded based off financial information provided on your FAFSA. Award packages can consist of a combination of these funds.

Scholarships and grants are considered "gift" aid since they typically require no repayment.

By contrast, Loans and work-study are considered "self-help" aid. Loans are funds that require repayment, while work-study is paid to a student after a job is secured and hours are worked.

It's important to note that a work-study award is a potential to earn funds and not a guarantee that you will earn the entire amount awarded.

Additional Types of Aid

Exemptions & 3rd Party Payments

Under certain circumstances, students can be exempt from tuition and/or certain fees and charges. Refer to the UTSA Information Bulletin or College for All Texans for more details.

529 & Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plans

UTSA Fiscal Services handles the processing of 529 & Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plans.