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Book Loan

Who can apply?

Any UTSA student enrolled in at least half-time credit hours is eligible to apply. You do not have to be a financial aid recipient in order to apply. You must not have a prior semester Fiscal Services balance or any type of financial hold (parking fine, library fine, etc.).

Important Note: Due to the increased Book Loan amount of $500.00, students are limited to only ONE Book Loan per academic term.

Enrollment Requirements
Book Loan Dates
How to apply
What's needed to apply
When is it due and what fees are associated with it?

Enrollment Requirements for Book Loan

Students must be registered at least half-time to be eligible for a book loan. In fall and spring, half-time is 6 hours for undergraduates and 4 hours for graduates. In summer term, half-time enrollment for undergraduates is 6 credit hours and for graduates is 3 credit hours.

Because summer has multiple terms, students need to be currently enrolled for the summer term that you are requesting a book loan for and be at least half-time for the entire summer. For example, undergraduate students need to be enrolled in at least one 3-credit mini-semester class and another 3-credit class in a different summer term to be considered half-time and eligible to request a book loan for the mini-semester.

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Book Loan Dates

Book loans will be available at both campuses

Fall 2018 Book Loan Date:

Thursday, August 16th

Spring 2019 Book Loan Date:


Summer 2019 Book Loan Dates:


The start times for Book Loan requests are: Main Campus at 8:00am and DT Campus at 9:30am

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How do I apply?

These loans are issued at the One Stop Enrollment Center on a first-come first-serve basis starting on the dates listed above this section, until funds are exhausted. Book loans will not be issued after the census date of each term. The book loan is not available through ASAP

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What will I need to apply?

  • You must be registered at least half-time
  • You must have a photo ID
  • Complete name, address, and telephone number information for three references: one parent (or another relative if both parents are deceased), one relative, one non-relative; spouse, if applicable, spouse’s employer, if applicable, and your employer, if applicable. Important: Three references provided must have different addresses. You will use this information to fill out the book loan worksheet prior to being granted a book loan.

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When is the book loan due?

The book loan accrues interest at 5% annually and is typically due:

April 30 for spring loans
July 31 for summer loans
November 30 for fall loans

Late payments are assessed a $10 late fee and a hold will be placed on the student's record. Complete information regarding due dates and late fees are detailed in your Master Promissory Note.