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Consortium Agreement

Note: Consortium Agreements will not be accepted until after census date of the host school.

Consortium Agreements allow students to take courses at another school (host school) that are transferable to their degree program at UTSA.

Consortium Agreement Submission Deadlines
If the deadline for submission falls on a weekend, the deadline will be extended to the following business day.
November 30th
April 1st
July 30th

Please read the following requirements below in order to submit the UTSA Consortium Agreement Form to the Office of Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services.

  • Students must be enrolled at least half-time at UTSA (6 credits) in courses approved by their academic advisor
  • Hours enrolled at Host school cannot be greater than hours enrolled at UTSA
  • Student cannot be receiving Financial Aid at the host school
  • Transcripts from the host school must be submitted to UTSA at the end of the semester
  • Student must notify the UTSA Financial Aid and Enrollment Services of any dropped courses
  • Withdrawing from courses registered for at UTSA or host school will result in the cancellation of all or part of the student’s financial aid

Additional guidelines regarding Consortium Agreements:

  • Student must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program at UTSA
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress as specified by UTSA must be maintained
  • Forms completed incorrectly will delay processing of Financial Aid
  • Processing of this form will not begin until after Census Date of the Host school
  • Providing false information may result in reduced eligibility, repayment of aid, or both
  • Requests for additional loan funds based on total enrollment may require you to submit a Loan Change Request Form
  • Status of Consortium Agreement can be viewed in ASAP under “Financial Aid Eligibility”

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