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UTSA Football Game Day




In 1977, UTSA had two contenders for a mascot, the armadillos and the stars. After a student vote was declared void by the Student Representative Assembly (now Student Government Association), another vote took place with two different contenders, the armadillo and the roadrunner. On Dec. 9, 1977, the roadrunner was announced as the UTSA mascot and came to be known as Rowdy.

Rowdy was born and raised on the edge of the beautiful Texas Hill Country in San Antonio de Bexar. At an early age, he was a prodigy in cheering, inspiring, and motivating. Rowdy became a young adult and his talents shined so bright, that a University sprung to honor his awesomeness. What University you ask? UTSA is proud to name Rowdy as their official mascot. Rowdy is rarely able to be reached for interviewing, but over the years, some people have come forward with information on this rare bird.

Rowdy is most proud of his stunning good looks and his legions of minions that follow his every move. In 2011, Rowdy was cast as ABC’s next Bachelor, but had to decline since the taping of the show would interfere with the inaugural season of UTSA Football. Rowdy has become the most idolized bird in San Antonio. He is so idolized, that when Batman is in trouble, he turns on the Rowdy signal. Rowdy was also once voted more popular than the Kardashians, is a self-proclaimed “Smartest Mascot in San Antonio,” and states that Rome would have been built in a day if they followed his blueprints correctly.

This magnificent bird participates in multiple hobbies and holds numerous Championship titles throughout the world. He won the 1983 World Series of Poker, holding only a Joker, a Get Out of Jail Free Monopoly card, a 2 of Clubs, a 7 of Spades, and a green #4 card from the game UNO. Once, he even won a staring contest with his own reflection.

Keep an eye out for Rowdy. He is seen randomly walking through UTSA’s campus and at every athletic event cheering his Roadrunners to victory!