Carbonate Sedimentogy Facility

Carbonate Sedimentogy Facility

FLN 3.01.45

Computer Lab

Computer Labs

FLN 2.01.02 and FLN 3.01.04

The department has two computer labs, each equipped with 20+ high performing computers/workstations. These labs mainly serve as classrooms for remote sensing, GIS, Geoinformatics, hydrology, and petroleum related classes. They also serve as additional computing research facilities for undergraduate and graduate students in the department.

Geochemisty Lab

MS 3.02.44

Hydrogeology Facility

FLN 1.03.02D

Isotope Geology Facility

FLN 1.03.06

Ocean Studies Lab

Laboratory for Ocean Studies

FLN 1.03.02F

The Laboratory for Ocean Studies carries out and trains students on how to conduct oceanographic research focusing on ocean physics and air-sea interactions.


Micropaleo and Stratigraphy Facility

FLN 1.03.02A/B


Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics Research Group

FLN 4.02.08

The Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics Research Group studies the Earth Systems: land, ocean, water, cryosphere, and atmosphere and other planets, using various remote sensing, GIS, AI, and cloud computing technologies. Please see details at http://www.utsa.edu/LRSG/.

River Science Facility

River Science Laboratory

SEL 1.01.08

The River Science Laboratory supports teaching and research activities related to fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, and aligned disciplines with its field and experimental equipment and resources.

Rock Preparation Facility

FLN 1.01.32

SEM Facility

FLN 3.01.04A/B

Snow and Ice Geophysics Lab

Snow and Ice Geophysics Lab

FLN 1.03.04