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Geology Links

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- A -

American Geological Institute

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. - Responsible for large-scale engineering projects with major engineering geology components.

- D - 

Department of Energy, U.S.

- E -


Earth's Interior & Plate Tectonics -

World-Wide Earthquake Locator - Edinburgh Earth Observatory

Earthquake Hazards Program - USGS

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- F -

Faults & Folds, Sturctural Geology

Crustal Deformation Processes: Folding and Faulting -

Introduction to Structural Geology -

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 - G -

Geological Society of America, The

GSA - Geology in the News

Geologic Time Scale - Geological Society of America

Geologic Time Scale in PDF

Geo Tech - Geological Terms

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- M -


The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom - What Defines a Mineral

Webmineral - Mineralogy Database

Index of Minerals in Thin-Sections

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- N -

National Parks Service - Nature/Geology

National Parks Service: Responsible for maintaining public access to and education on geologic resources and unique sites.

- R -


Rock Identification Tables

Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary -

Interactives Rock Cycle -

- S -

Surface & Ground-Water

Hydrologic Cycle (pdf) - article

Hydrolock Cycle - institute of water research

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- U -

USGS - US Geological Survey

USGS - Geology Research and Information

- V -


Michigan Technological University Volcanoes Page

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