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Dr. Saugata Datta Studies the Distribution of Pollutants and Nutrients in the Ecosystem
Dr. Datta is involved in novel projects to better understand how different nutrients, metals, and metalloids are transferred in our groundwater, surface waters, soils, and sediments and the impact that has on human health and the environment.
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ESE PhD Student YoungHyun Koo Selected to Participate in CUAHSI’s Snow Measurement Field School
CUAHSI partnered with NASA International Snow Working Group Remote Sensing to offer the 4-day field school on making and analyzing snow measurements.

UTSA Polar Research Group Participates in the Year-Long MOSAiC Arctic Expedition
The September 2019 - September 2020 participation is via collaboration with Peking University and the Polar Research Institute of China to provide one GNSS-R instrument.

ESE PhD Students Lijun Tian, Liuxi Tian, and Jullian Williams Presented their Research at the IGS Sea Ice Symposium
The 2019 International Glaciological Society (IGS) Sea Ice Symposium was held in Winnipeg, Canada on August 18-23.

Stephen Ackley Interviewed by KSAT12 on How the Amazon Forest Fires Impact People Worldwide
Twenty five percent of the world's forests are in the Amazon. The Amazon creates 20% of the Earth's oxygen and also takes in a lot of the world's carbon dioxide.
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Stephen Ackley Discusses the New Center for Advanced Measurements in Extreme Environments in Texas Standard Interview
Among other things, the center will study rising temperatures in a growing number of highly populated areas.
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Dr. Alexis Godet Awarded a Five-Year $550,000 NSF CAREER Grant
Dr. Godet's grant is entitled "Environmental Forcing on the Resilience of Carbonate Platforms During the Early Cretaceous Super Greenhouse Period."
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Dr. Hongjie Xie Leads UTSA Team in $3M NASA Award to Develop Center for Advanced Measurements in Extreme Environments
The new interdisciplinary center will include five UTSA members: Stephen Ackley, Dr. Alberto Mestas-Nunez, and Dr. Hongjie Xie from Geological Sciences; Dr. Christopher Combs and Dr. Kiran Bhaganagar from Mechanical Engineering.
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Dr. Jaime Hincapie Weighs in on Nixon Earthquake
Spectrum News asked Dr. Hincapie if Texas could see a big tremor any time soon.
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Congratulations to Eight of Our Students Receiving STGS Awards and Scholarships
Undergraduate: Yasemin Dinibutun, Aman Gupte, Jennifer Nguyen, Jose Silvestre, and Garett Velko received Field Camp Scholarships; Faith Goddard received the Chairman's Award.
Graduate: Karen Mediondo and Rob Salinas were awarded Jones-Amsbury Research Grants.

UTSA University Excellence Awards
Dr. Hongjie Xie received the President’s Distinguished Achievement Award for Research Achievement.
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Geology Graduate StudentKaren Mediondo Awarded a 2019 South Texas Geological Society (STGS) Jones-Amsbury Research Grant
The STGS grant will support Karen's research project "Computing water velocities from glider-mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler observations" supervised by Dr. Alberto Mestas.

ESE PhD Student Jullian Williams Won the Third Place in the 2019 3MT Research Competition
Environmental Science and Engineering doctoral student Jullian Williams, under the supervision of Dr. Hongjie Xie, placed third in the 2019 3MT Research competition hosted by the UTSA Graduate School. Her presentation title was "A nexus between polar ice and tropical climate with the use of sentinel SAR satellite data."
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Undergraduate Certificate in Geographic Information System Approved for Fall 2020
The 15-hour progam will train undergraduate students to use the Geographic Information System (GIS) tool for creating, operating, and managing geospatial data, making professional maps, and analyzing data for various science and technique applications.
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Dr. Alexis Godet Leads UTSA’s Efforts to Test, Use, and Teach $2.2 Million in Geological Software
The $2.2 million in-kind software donation from Petroleum Experts will facilitate the study of the geometry of rock deposits in the subsurface while also helping UTSA students and researchers better identify underground fluids such as groundwater, oil, and gas.
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Dr. Blake Weissling and Sergio Teran Spend Spring Break at Pico de Orizaba in Mexico
Funded by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists Geoscientists without Borders program, Dr. Weissling and Geology senior Sergio Teran conduct field work at Pico de Orizaba in Mexico.
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New Geological Sciences Promotional Video
A new department promotional video was made by Dr. Jaime Hincapie.
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UTSA's Project for the Greenland Circumnavigation Expedition (GLACE)
Stephen Ackley is PI and Drs. Blake Weissling and Hongjie Xie are co-PIs of the UTSA project "Sea Ice Thickness under Arctic Climate Change" selected to participate in the expedition.

UTSA Project is One of Fifteen Selected to Participate in the Greenland Circumnavigation Expedition (GLACE)
GLACE is funded by the Swiss Polar Foundation for better understanding of the Arctic environment affected by climate change. Stephen Ackley is PI and Drs. Blake Weissling and Hongjie Xie are co-PIs of the UTSA project. Dr. Weissling will be on the expedition in August and September 2019.

Arctic CyberInfrastructure (ArcCI) Featured in UTSA Sombrilla Magazine
Big Data for Arctic tracking and Arctic environmental research under the warming climate.
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Faculty Promotion
Congratulations to Dr. Alexis Godet on his approved promotion to associate professor!

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