how to file a program of study

 Each graduate student admitted to a graduate degree program must file a Program of Study (POS), and submit the names of your committee. A formal Program of Study should be created as early as feasible in the student's career but no later than 15 graduate credit hours, because it guides a student's academic degree progress. A program of study is an academic agreement between a student, the faculty members of the advisory committee, and the Graduate School.

     To begin your program of study, click "Create new program of study". 

     When you have completed your program of study and feel it is ready for review of your advisory committee, the preferred way of submission is to click on "Submit by Email" located at the top of the form. Your proposed POS will be routed through the department's academic administrative associate. Include on the form the chairperson of your committee, and members if known. While your plan is in proposed status, review the information with your advisory committee and departmental graduate advisor of record to ensure that it satisfies department and Graduate School policies. Use your draft as a basis to discuss your academic and research goals with your advisory committee members. Once your entire committee has verbally accepted your program of study, return to the POS and submit your plan as "Final” to the department office.  The program of study form will be reviewed and, if approved, signed by the Graduate Advisor of Record and the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.

     You should check your plan of study every semester to monitor your academic degree progress.