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Student Information and Opportunities

Employment Opportunities; Driver's Training for Teaching Assistants;
Program of Study-Master's Thesis; Thesis Support; Student Travel

 Employment Opportunities:

All Students - Student jobs may be available within the Department of Geological Sciences such as Student Reader/Grader, Lab Assistant or other hourly positions that may become available. Pending availability of funds. A pre-application for student employment is available under our student department forms section. Graduate Students - If you are interested in being a Teaching Assistant, please read our Teaching Assistant Information Sheet for details, complete our Teaching Assistant Application form and return it to the Department office. Should your application be approved, an assistantship assignment may be for either 25% time (10-hours per week) or 50% time (20-hours per week) appointment each qualifying term. If you are interested in a Graduate Research Assistantship, you should discuss this directly with an individual faculty member who has grant funding support for student research. Health Insurance - Although student positions offered through this department are non-benefit eligible, UTSA offers student health coverage underwritten by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas for your convenience should you not be covered on a health care plan. You may find out more about this medical coverage from the Student Health Services page. Read more... The New Health Care Law and The University of Texas System Student Health Insurance Plan:
FAQ

 Driver's Training for Teaching Assistants:

Part of the duties of a teaching assistant is to participate and/or be an approved driver for geology field trips sponsored by the Department. It is recommended, at the time that your TA application is made, that you visit the UTSA-Police Department's Driver Training and Record Request web page and submit the Texas Driver's Record Request (DR-1 Form), and take the Driver Training sponsored by the UTSAPD. (You must have a valid Driver's license.) Please notify the Department office and your faculty supervisor that you have submitted your DR-1 and taken the driver's training. The DR-1 must be renewed annually.

 Program of Study for Thesis and Non-Thesis Graduate Students:

All candidates for the M.S. degree must have a Graduate Committee and Program of Study. The Committee will consist of a chair (student's advisor) and a minimum of two other faculty members of the graduate faculty. It is highly recommended by the time the student reaches 15 hours of graduate coursework that the committee has been chosen and on file in the department office. Additional information regarding the Program of Study and how to file...read more.

 Graduate Thesis Support:

Funding may be available from the department to supplement your master's thesis work. Pending budget availability. a) Up to $500 per academic year may be available to support miscellaneous expenses for field and laboratory supplies and travel expenses associated with an individual's master's thesis research. b) Support for travel to meetings may be available if an abstract has been accepted and a poster or oral presentation will be made.

If you are interested is thesis support, fill out the Request for Financial Support of Masters Thesis Student Research Expenses form, obtain your faculty supervisor/sponsor signature, and return to the Department office for final review. You will be notified by email if your request has been granted or denied. If you are requesting funds for travel related expenses, it is imperative that you follow the Student Travel Guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines, may result in your application for support to be denied. 

 Student Travel:

The Department conducts class field trips throughout the long terms (fall/spring) pending budget approval. The faculty sponsor is responsible to submit the Student Travel Authorization Request and supporting documents prior to the trip. All students who participate are expected to adhere to the policies set forth in the Handbook of Operating Procedures: HOP 5.18 - Student Travel Policy, and follow the Student Code of Conduct.

Students that are being sponsored to attend meetings and presenting must submit the Student Travel Authorization Request and supporting documents prior to the trip. If you are funded by the Univeristy, you will be required to arrange airfare, if applicable, through the UT Systems contracted vendor. Please see the Department office for additional information.

Forms required for all Department sponsored field trips: Student Travel Authorization Request | List of Participants, Emergency Contacts | Release and Indemnification Agreement for Participant. If an individual request, see the department office for assista with these forms. If it is a class request, your instructor will provide the class with the required forms.

NOTE: All student requests for travel should be submitted to the Department office no later than 15 business days prior to the trip.  



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