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 Bachelor of Arts and

 Bachelor of Science in Geology

The undergraduate geology programs at UTSA reflects the diversity of the field: petroleum, water resources, environmental management, engineering geology, geochemistry, geophysics, and natural resources. Geology is both an applied and an academic discipline. The B.A. in geology will receive a quality preparatory education in the discipline. The B.S. in geology is designed for students who intend to become professional geologists and/or those who plan to attend graduate school in geosciences. This degree program prepares students for the examination for the professional geologist license. A Minor in geology is also offered.

The programs have a series strong foundation of courses, including GIS/Remote Sensing courses. If your goal is to finish your college career with a B.A. major, we want to provide you with as full and as broad an experience as possible. For students thinking about pursuing a graduate career, a B.S. major-field background helps avoid having to make-up deficiencies at the graduate level, and to be as competitive as possible in the master’s programs in the majority in U.S. universities.

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