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Application Process

photoUTSA students should complete a UTSA Online Housing Application and Contract. Once you have completed your housing application you will receive an e-mail with directions on how to pay your $200.00 housing deposit for either Chaparral Village or Laurel Village. Deposits are applied against unnecessary wear and damages, and are used to deter late cancellations. Please note there is a $25.00 non-refundable application fee for processing your application. The date on which the deposit is received will establish priority for particular assignments. . Once all cancellation criteria are met and all monies owed to the particular complex have been paid, deposits will be refunded upon request.

Campus Living Villages - University Oaks and Chisholm Hall deposit requirements may differ. Please contact their staff for more information.

CLV Lease Addendum

Students choosing to live at the University Oaks or Chisholm Hall should be advised that the lease addendum contains the following provision:

If you intend to leave the Premises permanently, whether on or prior to the Ending Date, and you want us to return to you any remaining Security Deposit, you must provide the Manager with forty-five (45) days advance written notice of the specific date by which you will leave and you must pay all Rent through the Ending Date by the time you move out. Verbal notice is not sufficient. We suggest that you use our form for a move-out notice. If you do not, you are responsible for obtaining the Manager’s written acknowledgment that the move-out notice has been received. If you do not give us a written move-out notice, or renew your lease, at least forty-five (45) days prior to your Ending Date, we will assume you are moving out, and we will attempt to lease your space to another resident. Even if you give proper notice you are not released from liability under the Lease unless all payments through the Ending Date have been made. If you do not give us the move-out notice as described above we will deduct $150.00 from your Security Deposit.

Each application has a 60 day time period to be completed from the start of the application to the signing of the contract.  To be considered as a completed application you must have submitted your housing deposit payment, your bacterial meningtis information and signed the contract.  After 60 days if an application is not completed the application will be marked inactive and the student will have to resubmit their application.   We are a first come first serve process so we may stop accepting applications prior to the completion of your application.

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