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Current Residents

How to Renew your Contract

All University Housing residents have the ability to renew a Housing Contract for the next academic year or for a full year. Renewing will take place online from February through Mid-March for the next academic and full year. Renewal applicants will have priority over new, incoming students as long as renewals renew their Housing Contract before Mid-March. Information on renewing will be distributed by email beginning in February.

Roommate Requests

Through the housing application, applicants are able to request suitemates and confirm or deny requests made by other resident applicants. Please keep in mind that you are able to request someone only if they have applied for the same semester and housing location as yourself and have opted to be included in the suitemate search. To be considered, all suitemate requests must be mutual.. While we try to accommodate roommate preferences, not all requests can be honored.

Early completion of the application process improves the overall likelihood of reserving one's first choice in roommate preference. For resident applicants who do not have a specific suitemate request, we match suitemates using specific criteria. There is no guarantee that suitemates will get along, no matter what criteria is used in matching. However, our staff is committed to assisting residents in meeting and interacting with their assigned suitemates.

Meal Plan Options

In response to student feedback, UTSA is implementing a number of changes to the meal plan options for the 2017-2018 academic year that will provide more variety of choices, flexibility, and value. Here's a look at the Meal Plan offerings for Fall 2017 in an easy-to-compare chart.  

Plan Name Number of Meals Dining Dollars Meal Trades Per Week Total Semester Cost ** Total Cost **
Access 7A Unlimited M-S $300 7/week $1,842 $3,684
Access 7B Unlimited M-S $200 5/week $1,794 $3,588
Access 7C Unlimited M-S $0 None/week $1,350 $2,700
Access 5A Unlimited M-F $300 None/week $1,575 $3,150
Block Plans
Block 150 150 Meals/per semester $300 5/week $1,383 $2,766
Block 120 120 Meals/per semester $400 None/week $1,251 $2,502
        ** Plus Tax ** Plus Tax

Everyone has their own preferences and lifestyle, which is why UTSA provides students with an array of meal plan options. To choose the best plan for you, it's important to take a few minutes to understand what the various plans offer and how they differ.

If you don't choose a plan and will have fewer than 48 credit hours at the beginning of the fall semester, you will default into the Access 7B plan. While the Access 7B is a great plan that provides all access to the Roadrunner (RR) Café 7 days a week, $200 in Dining Dollars and 5 Meal Plan Equivalency (MPE) swipes a week, for only $51 more you can get $300 Dining Dollars and 7 MPE swipes a week with the Access 7A plan.  So if you like the Access 7B, you may like the Access 7A even more.
New meal plan options include the Access 7C and two block plans which include a set number of meals you can use any time during the semester.

  • The Access 7C provides tremendous value for students who plan to frequent RR Café and aren't interested in Dining Dollars or MPE swipes. With this option, your meal plan only works in the RR Café, but allows you unlimited access 7 days a week.
  • Do you plan to average about 8 meals or less a week in the RR Café? If so, you may want the Block 2 plan that has 120 meals in the RR Café and $400 in Dining Dollars you can use whenever you want in any campus dining venue. The Block 1 plan offers 150 meals (about 10 a week) at RR Café, $300 Dining Dollars, and the added flexibility of 5 MPE swipes a week.

If you like the Access 7B plan and you have less than 48 credit hours, you don't have to choose a meal plan—you will automatically be signed up for that plan. However, if you prefer one of the other meal plan options, you can choose it online through ASAP.

Once there, choose the "Student Services" tab, then the "UTSACard" link, and finally the "Meal Plan Application" to make the change. If you have 48 credit hours or more, while you are not required to have a meal plan, we strongly encourage all students to consider choosing a plan that best meets their needs. Being well nourished is essential to making the most of your college experience and having a meal plan makes it easy to meet this need.

Additional information about meal plans can be found at:

To help you better understand key features of some plans, we describe both Dining Dollars and Meal Plan Equivalency below.

  • Dining Dollars function as a declining balance on your student ID card and can be used at any dining venue on campus at any time, providing maximum flexibility. Starting this year, Dining Dollars roll over from the fall to the spring semester. If you don't spend all your Dining Dollars in the fall, you don't lose them—you just have more to spend in the spring. However, they will still expire at the end of contract period in May.
  • Meal Plan Equivalency allows you to swipe your ID card at any dining location on campus, including the Provisions on Demand (POD) locations and the convenience store, during specific meal periods for a dining credit of up to $5 per swipe.  MPE swipes can be used once per meal period and cannot be in conjunction with a RR Café swipe. Meal periods are 7am-10:30am, 10:30am-4:00pm, 4:00pm-9:00pm, and 9:00pm to 2:00am. MPE is included in the All Access 7A, All Access 7B, and Block 1 meal plans.

Need to grab a quick lunch between classes, but don't have time to trek to the RR Café and back? In the JPL and want to use your meal plan to eat at Chick-fil-A at 11:00pm?   MPE swipes will allow you to purchase food at any on-campus location without having to use your Dining Dollars. However, if the meal you purchase exceeds the $5 dollar credit, you will be able to use Dining Dollars to offset the difference. Either way, you'll save!




Maintenance operates Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm Standard Maintenance requests may be reported online or by calling (210) 458-6833 during normal business hours. For emergency maintenance or housekeeping needs, contact the front desk. For more information on Maintenance requests, click here.



HRL does not accept or distribute packages or letters received via the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), but does accept packages and parcels from carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Residents will receive an email, via his or her UTSA email address, whenever packages are available for pickup. Residents who wish to receive USPS mail may rent a mailbox from The UPS Store in the UC. For information on your mailing address, click here.



Wi-Fi is available in all three properties of UTSA Housing. Apogee/MyResNet provides the Internet service and can assist with any connection problems.To report an Internet issue, contact MyResNet Help Desk at: 1(877) For instructions on how to set up your internet account, click here.




Laundry services are located in each facility, and are included for Chaparral Village, Laurel Village and Alvarez Hall residents. You will need your ID card to access the laundry facilities. Please report all laundry service issues to your complex's front desk staff during normal business hours. For instructions on how to set up your Laundry Alert account, click here.



Extended basic cable service is included in your University Housing rent. Each bedroom and living room has a cable television outlet. Please see attached listing of the channels provided within the rooms. Charter Communications and UTSA have agreed on a digital solution that will not require equipment to be setup in your residence room for your television.  Charter has installed the equipment remotely, and it will deliver a new and improved digital channel line-up directly to your room!  This new service will provide you with more sports channels, and entertainment than UTSA has received in the past. 

When you move-in set up directions

Maintenance Requests


Students should report all maintenance or housekeeping problems when they first occur. A maintenance request may be submitted online by logging onto the portal with your banner number and date of birth. Maintenance repairs will be made between 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, unless an emergency exists. Maintenance requests are typically completed within 24 to 48 hours, depending on the time of day the request is turned in. There may be times when some work may take longer due to the scope or availability of parts.

Students reporting maintenance or housekeeping concerns are authorizing the staff to enter their room to assess the reported issue. HRL maintenance personnel will leave a card indicating they have been in your unit and the status of the reported problem. Requests for service are reviewed and prioritized with safety being the primary concern. It may be necessary to reassign rooms in order to perform some types of maintenance. In these cases, we will contact you and work through any resulting issues.


Residents with an emergency maintenance issue should report problems immediately. Utilize the following schedule for reporting emergency maintenance:

  • Mon - Fri 8:00am - 10:00pm: contact HRL or the front desk of your complex.
  • Mon - Fri 10:00pm - 8:00am: contact the RA on call for your area to report the problem.
  • Sat - Sun: contact the RA on call for your area to report the problem.

HRL personnel will respond immediately to assess the situation and maintenance personnel will be contacted to complete repairs when necessary.

Examples of emergency maintenance issues include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Toilet overflowing onto the floor.
  • Toilet that is running continuously and will not stop.
  • Faucet or plumbing leaking onto the floor or inside kitchen cabinets.
  • Clogged toilet (when there is no other toilet available within the unit).
  • Exposed electrical wiring.
  • Fire (whether smoke detector is activated or not).
  • No power in your unit.


Residents of Chaparral Village:

Your Name Room Number
6910 North Loop 1604 West San Antonio, TX 78249

Residents of Laurel Village:

Your Name
Room Number
6904 North Loop 1604 West
San Antonio, TX 78249

Residents of Alvarez Hall:

Your Name
Room Number
6908 North Loop 1604 West
San Antonio, TX 78249


Internet Instructions

Wi-Fi is available in all three properties of UTSA Housing. Apogee/MyResNet provides the Internet service and can assist with any connection problems.To report an Internet issue, contact MyResNet Help Desk at: 1(877) For instructions on how to set up your internet account, click here.


Laundry Instructions

Just wanted to see if the text you emailed : "Laundry services are located in each facility and are for Chaparral Village, Laurel Village, and Alvarez Hall residents. You will need your ID card to access the laundry facilities. Please report all laundry service issues to your complex's front desk staff during regular business hours. To see what washers or dryers are ready to use, visit To report any laundry issues please call WASH at 1-800-342-5932 or download their FixLaundry App. The app is available on Google play or App Store."


Steps for Washing

1. Load the Washtub. Without OVER FILLING, loosely load dry clothes into the washtub to the top of the door opening. Clothes will not be able to spin or be cleaned thoroughly if the washtub is overfilled.

2. Add Detergent. Use ¼ cup or less as suggested (DO NOT use more or clothes will be sudsy upon cycle completion).

3. Choose Fabric Type. Normal, permanent press or delicate.

4. Select the Water Temperature. As a general rule, wash only whites in hot water, permanent press fabrics in warm water and colors in cold.

5. Press the Start Button to begin washing. The door will lock and cannot be opened until the wash cycle finishes.

Steps for Drying

1. Clean the lint filter of the dryer to improve drying. Place clothes into the dryer.

2. Add dryer sheets to help reduce static cling and add softness to fabrics.

3. Set the temperature. Use high heat for normal fabric and low heat for delicates.

4. Press the Start Button to begin drying. You can open the door to check your laundry at any time. Press the start button after closing the door to continue the dry cycle.

Laundry Equipment Problems? Please call 1(800) 342-5932 or go online to click "Service Request".