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Roommate Request

Resident applicants are able to request suitemates and confirm or deny requests made by other resident applicants. Please keep in mind that you are able to request someone only if they have applied for the same semester, housing location, and have opted to be included in the suitemate search for the semester you are currently applying. All suitemate requests must be mutual in order to be considered. While we try to accommodate preferences, not all requests can be honored.
RoommatesEarly completion of the application process improves the overall likelihood of reserving one's first choice in preference. For resident applicants who do not have a specific suitemate request, we match suitemates using specific criteria. There is no guarantee that suitemates will get along no matter what criteria is used in matching. However our staff is committed to assisting residents in meeting and interacting with their assigned suitemates. Beginning April 1st, 2013 those who a paid deposit and signed contract and have received a time slot will have the opportunity to reserve their room type, location and suitemate.For those who have not received a time slot, we will issue room assignments throughout the summer months based on when an applicant's contract was signed and completed.

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