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Criminal Background Check (CBC)


As a result of changes to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and The University of Texas System Policy (UTS 124), UTSA has revised its criminal background check (CBC) process as follows: 

  1. Effective September 1, 2011, departments will be billed for each CBC that is run. 
  2. The CBC cost will be based upon the type of CBC performed and the type of CBC performed will be based upon employment category. The cost is as follows:
      • Vendor Search - $27/(each name used)in all U.S. counties
      • DPS secure site - $1.00/(each name used) (Texas only)
      • DPS public site - $4.00/(each name used) (Texas only)

    The billing will be processed via an interdepartmental transfer (IDT) on a monthly basis.

    As a reminder, CBC’s are conducted on all applicants (faculty, staff, students), current employees who bid on and receive a new position (e.g. promotion), new volunteers, and occasional workers (an employee that works sporadically, no more than 80 consecutive days, e.g. athletic or activities assistant). 

  3. CBC request forms should be sent to Human Resources (not the UTSA Police Department) by fax to extension 8586.  Forms must be completed and applicant identity verified with a state or federal picture ID.
  4. Prior to rejecting an applicant based on vendor CBC results, a written applicant notification process must occur.  This process will be handled by HR once informed that the department has decided not to proceed with hiring the individual.
  5. In the event that there is a concern about losing the final applicant when a CBC has not been received in a timely fashion, a process has been developed to make an offer to the final applicant contingent upon the CBC results.  HR should be contacted to facilitate this process.

NOTE:  Due to additional federal notification requirements (and the cost), we recommend that you request a CBC only on your final applicant. 

Types of CBCs/Employment Categories
Below are the types of Criminal Background Checks to be conducted with categories of employee/applicant for each beginning August 8, 2011:

Vendor Search:

  • Applicant (finalist) - external applicants
  • All newly assigned (hired) faculty, post docs and staff  (including part time and temporary)
  • All newly assigned (hired) University affiliated workers (a worker with access to UTSA resources/paid through private, federal, or other state agency (e.g. UTHSCSA professor)
  • Person of Interest (POI) - overnight travel with staff or students

Newly assigned = No job record within 1 year in PeopleSoft

DPS Secure site:

  • Internal (finalist)  Applicant (current UTSA employee)
  • Applicant and newly hired/assigned employees in student titles

DPS Public site:

  • Person of Interest (POI)
    • With no job record
    • Who do not travel overnight with staff or students
  • Staff or student rehire/reassignment with a title or department change or break after 4 months but less than 1 year (e.g. Reclass/transfer/promotion);  does not include progressions in a job family
  • Faculty reassignment  (with a break in service of greater than 4 months & less than 12 months)

No CBC will be required for the following:

  • Reclassification or progression in a job family
  • Faculty reassignment within 4 months regardless of title or department  change
  • Faculty promotions (e.g. Lecturer to Sr. Lecturer or Tenure Track to Tenure)
  • All titles rehired/reassigned/reappointed within 4 months (same department or same title)
  • Temporary Agency Employees (performed by the agency)
  • Individuals under the age of 18

Department Process/Responsibility:

  • It is very important that the CBC Form be filled out accurately, completely, and legibly or it will delay processing. 
  • To ensure that it is legible, we recommend that you complete Section A electronically and have the applicant complete Section B electronically
  • Have the applicant print and sign the form. 
  • You must verify the information entered to ensure that it matches the driver’s license, passport, or other official form of picture identification. 
  • Fax the form to the HR Department (Fax: x8586)

New CBC Forms have been created and will be required for all positions at UTSA.  Please destroy any existing copies or forms saved to your desktops.  We encourage you to NOT save this form on your desktop but to access the forms via the HR website each time you complete the form to ensure that you will always have the most recent version.  The new website located at will be live August 8, 2011.

We anticipate that the average turnaround time for CBC’s is 3 days for the vendor search but this is dependent upon where the applicant has lived and worked.  If an applicant has lived or worked in a state or county that has a manual records system, such as Massachusetts, Florida, or Georgia, the CBC has taken up to two weeks or longer. 

Thank you for helping us implement these changes.


You can register for Training Classes through “My Training” at:
Please select course #SD575 (CBC Information Session).
Questions can be addressed by contacting Sharmane at 458-4252.


Updated: May 2014

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FAX or deliver the completed CBC to UTSA Human Resources:
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