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Visual Style Guide Colors

Blue and orange are the official colors of the university. Our colors are a distinguishing feature of our identity.

UTSA Colors

When reproduced in color, the wordmark should always appear in UTSA’s signature color, blue (PMS 289). A secondary, allowed use is orange (PMS 1665). No other color is acceptable, with the exception of all black for use on faxes, memos and in newspapers, and all white on dark backgrounds.

Whenever possible, the logo should appear in blue. It should never be represented in any colors other than UTSA colors.

Whenever possible, use blue and orange together, or blue and white together. The combination of orange and white can be confused for The University of Texas at Austin and should be avoided.

When reproducing UTSA colors, insist upon accurate color matching to UTSA’s PMS colors. For assistance, contact University Communications and Marketing.

Secondary Colors

Bright orange can be a challenging color to work with; a suggested complementary color palette is shown with the corresponding color codes. These colors should only be utilized as accent colors.

For best results, contact University Communications and Marketing to receive help selecting a few colors from this palette.

Secondary Color Palette