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UTSA's Economic Impact

UTSA has created a 21st century vision for Tier One. This vision will take UTSA beyond how a Tier One university has been defined to what a Tier One university will become in the future.

San Antonio Skyline

A view of San Antonio from the UTSA's Downtown Campus.

What sets UTSA apart is the fact that it increasingly represents the changing face of Texas and the United States. UTSA is a university rich in diversity and multiculturalism. Because of its close proximity to Mexico, the university has created many successful intellectual partnerships with the country. As a result, UTSA has become a gateway for international collaboration in the United States.

UTSA collaborations have also helped to improve the lives of the people of San Antonio, the nation and the world through research and discovery. Already UTSA is the number one provider of degrees in South Texas and contributes more than $1.2 billion to the San Antonio economy. A Tier One UTSA will do so much more.

What a Tier One UTSA means for San Antonio

Building a Tier One University for a Top Tier city means job creation, research innovations and a skilled workforce. These are the tools that help form strong economies—tools that UTSA provides now and will provide more of in the future.

A Tier One UTSA with a focus on research, academic excellence and international reach will further help San Antonio fulfill its vision to become a viable player in the global market, strengthening the economy for the city, region and state.

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