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The Student Center for Community Engagement and Inclusion and the Student Leadership Center will take 40 students across four states to participate in The Progression: An Exploration of Civil Rights. This program allows for UTSA students to leave the state of Texas and become immersed in the history of the Civil Rights Movement. The trip takes students from San Antonio, TX to New Orleans, LA to Birmingham, AL and then onto Memphis, TN. Students visit historical markers such as the 9th Ward, the Civil Rights Institute, 16th Street Baptist Church, Kelly Ingram Park and the National Civil Rights Museum. The trip is followed up with students participating in the MLK March back in San Antonio, TX.

Accompanying the visits to the historically recognized sites and nationally known museums is a set curriculum created to promote awareness of social justice issues. Students learn through documentaries, reflection papers, group discussions, and presentations from guest speakers and activists.

Past participants shared about the impact this trip had on them personally, as well as how their experience will impacted their involvement at UTSA:

"I used to think that obstacles and trials that we face are put in our lives for us to overcome, learn from, and become a better person. After the trip, I feel that I cannot truly grow from a situation if I don't give back to my community after becoming a better person. I plan to devote time toward giving back and because of the trip, I know anytime is a good time to start. Life is too short to wait around; I want to be a pioneer of change." -Justina Williams, junior studying electrical engineering.

Civil Rights

"More than anything this trip has helped me realize that civil rights and social justice issues aren't ideas, but a lifelong movement. While on the trip I made a pledge to myself that I would stand-up and support others in their fight within The Movement &, no matter how big or small the battle.".- DeMarcus Lewis, junior studying civil engineering