Jennifer Guerrero

Jennifer Guerrero
Cell and Molecular Biology

Phone: (210) 313-0213

Jennifer graduated with an associate's degree in Interpreting for the Deaf from San Antonio College in 2003. While working as an interpreter, she started the bachelor's degree program in Biology at UTSA that was completed in 2008. She received her master’s degree in Environmental Science in 2011 and began the Cell and Molecular Biology Ph.D program in 2012. Jennifer is currently working with Dr. Garry Sunter on gene regulation of Geminiviruses. She has held teaching assistant positions for the Introductory Biology Lab and the Cell Biology Lab at UTSA. Throughout her academic career, Jennifer has been awarded fellowships such as TREE, LSAMP, and RISE and feels a strong commitment to give back to the community. She enjoys teaching and research and is looking forward to a career in the sciences that incorporates both.