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             2011 Bilateral Perspectives on            Mexican Migration Conference

Session I: Historical & Demographic Trends of Mexico-US Migration

Dr. Jorge Durand, Universidad de Guadalajara "New Scenarios for the Mexico - U.S. Migration"

Dr. Cecilia Imaz, UNAM "Current Trends in Mexico-US Migration. The Mexican Approach"

Dr. Carla Pederzini, UIA "Educational Selection of Mexican Migrants in the US"


Session II: International, Federal and Local Government Responses to Migration: The Legal Framework

Dr. Frank Bean, UCI "Unauthorized Mexican Migrants in the United States: Linchpin Labor, Liminal Lacunae, Legalization Legacies and Legislative Leftovers"

Dr. Francisco Alba, COLMEX "Evolving Migration Responses in Mexico and the United States: Diverging Paths?"

Dr. Pia Orrenius, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas "U.S. Immigration Reform in a New Era of Globalization"


Session III: Family, Educational and Health Issues in       International Migration

Dr. Victor Zúñiga, UDEM "From New York/Los Angeles to Puebla"

Dr. Harriett Romo, UTSA "Incorporation of the Children of Elite Mexican Migrants: Ethnic Regeneration, Assimilation, Transnationalism, or Return?"

Dr. Jill Fleuriett, UTSA "Structure and Agency: Knowledge, Support and Prenatal Care Among Mexican Women in South Texas"


Session IV: The Rational of Migration: Sending and Receiving Communities

Dr. Agustín Escobar, CIESAS Occidente ""Statue Quo" until...Mexican Migration in an Age of Uncertainty"

Dr. Roberto Gonzales, University of Washington "Learning to be Illegal: Undocumented Youth and the Confusing and Contradictory Routes to Adulthood"

Dr. Liliana Meza, UIA and Col. Michael Feil, U.S. Army (retired) "Public Insecurity and Emigration: The Mexican Case"


Session V: Transnationalism Versus Incorporation: Boundaries and Group Status in Transition

Dr. Philip Kasinitz, CUNY "How Distinct is Mexican Migration"

Dr. Silvia Pedraza, University of Michigan "Assimilation or Transnationalism? Evidence from the National Latino Survey 2006"

Dr. Rubén Rumbaut, UCI "The Coming of the Second Generation: Immigration, Mobility and Inequality in Southern California"


Session VI: Reflections and Future Directions in Migration Studies

Dr. Marie Price, George Washington University "The Challenge of Immigrant Inclusion in Metropolitan America"

Dr. Silvia Núñez, CISAN/UNAM "Center for Research in North America"

Dr. Bryan Roberts, UT-Austin "Going Back Home? The Ambiguities of Contemporary Mexican Return Migration"



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