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Living independently

Adjusting to life after college can be a challenge at first. You now have to start living independently which includes budgeting for life using your own resources (your salary). You will no longer have financial aid disbursements or refunds and, for some students, no more financial assistance from parents. Although this can seem daunting, you can make adjustments to lifestyle to live within your means.

Average salary ranges
Budgeting for life after graduation
Repaying student loans
Setting future financial goals
Savings accounts

Budgeting for life after graduation

For many, setting up a budget or spending plan can be difficult. There's so much to consider. You will no longer have a financial aid disbursement to count on, so how do you make sense of it all? Resources like Texas Reality Check can help you determine your financial situation. You may also wish to use a budget calculator. Find out more information on the finer details of setting a budget (or spending plan).