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Salary is often the first thing looked at when considering a job offer. To evaluate salary, you must have an idea of the range of pay for you position and will want to consult several sources. Salary surveys are one important source for learning about pay rates. Many professional organizations conduct surveys that show salary ranges for different jobs. You can always visit UTSA's Career Center if you have questions about getting a job after college.

How to research salaries

When you are trying to figure out what a reasonable salary is for a job, you'd want to consider information on salary from the following sources:

  • Family members or friends who work in the industry
  • College alumni with jobs in similar organizations
  • Staff members from the Career Center
  • Salary ranges posted in hlep wanted ads
  • Salary surveys conducted by professional organizations

Remember that what you think should be considered a reasonable salary may not be realistic in your industry. Consulting these sources will give you a more accurate expectation of starting salaries.

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Evaluating your salary

There are several factors you should consider when assessing a salary offer.


When considering a position, ask if overtime is expected and if so how often. If it is, be sure to ask if your job will pay you overtime. If not, ask if there's a different type of compensation given.

Salary Reviews

If you are just starting with a company, you will probably earn a starting salary. This salary may increase as you stay with the company. Find out how often your company conducts salary reviews. Your salarly should ideally be reviewed annually based on the industry. How much can you expect to earn after you've been with the company a few years? Many times, salary increases are tied to performance. Be sure to understand early on what's expected of your job-performance and ask your supervisor how you can improve.


Employers may offer different benefit perks that are not tied directly to salary but enhance the value of a position. Some benefits could include sick days, personal days, vacation days, health insurance, retirement plans and others. Set up a myTG account and go through their benefits module to find out the value of your benefits.

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