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Have you ever heard the adage, "If you live like a professional when you're a student, you'll be living like a student when you're a professional?" The premise is that if you live above your means when you're a student, it's going to be much harder to pare down your lifestyle when you're paying back your student loans. For many, the thought of living frugally sounds boring, but who says you can't have fun on a budget? There are many entertainment options for you as a student of UTSA that come with a free or low-cost price tag.

Tips for keeping costs down
Freebies, deals and steals for UTSA students

Tips for keeping costs down

It's the little things that can break your monthly budget: the large latte you got this morning, that bottle of water, eating out for lunch daily. You can cut out non-essentials and replace them with money-saving measures. For example, rather than buying that bottle of water every day, buy a refillable water cannister. Not only can you wash and refill it as needed, it'll reduce the amount of waste. Brew your own coffee at home and bring it with you to class. Not only will it be prepared just how you like it, it'll save you about $2 or more a day. Buy groceries and pack your lunch rather than buying it. If you live close to campus consider walking to class to save on gas (plus it's great exercise). If you live further from campus consider a carpool or try riding the bus to save money. These may all seem like small adjustments (and they are) but they can really add up to big savings.

Freebies, deals and steals for UTSA students

Free UTSA events and activities

  • Visit The Roost and enjoy air hockey, pool, table tennis and foosball
  • University Center Program
  • Attend a UTSA Athletics team event
  • Rent free movies at the UTSA Library
  • Use UTSA Campus Recreation camping gear at no cost and get away for a weekend

Free San Antonio community activities

UTSA student discounts

  • Visit the Roadrunner Express to get discounts on tickets to movies, concerts and theme parks
  • Many local restaurants and clothing stores in the area feature discounts to UTSA students, so ask before you pay and always carry your student ID