Anthony Espinoza

Interim Executive Director of Infrastructure Systems and Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO)



Anthony Espinoza currently serves as the Executive Director of Infrastructure Systems and Interim Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO) for The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Office of Information Technology (OIT). Espinoza sets the direction and strategies for OIT and oversees the infrastructure, server, networking, telephony, help desk, student labs, and programming departments.

Espinoza earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from UTSA in 2004 and a Master’s Degree in 2016. He has worked in OIT since 1997. He started in the Air Force as a Communications Computer Systems Operator in 1989 and continued his tech career at UTSA as a Network Technician I in 1997. Espinoza's commitment to innovation led him to quickly rise as an OIT leader in positions such as Assistant Director of Enterprise Systems, Director of Enterprise Systems, and Director of Enterprise Data and Identity Management. After leading many successful OIT initiatives, Espinoza was offered the Information Security Officer position at the university in 2012. As the Information Security Officer, he set new integration standards for his department, which in turn lowered security incidents and made the Information Security department more visible on campus. With proven leadership and successful project integrations, Espinoza was promoted to his current title in 2015.

Espinoza has led many campaigns to help UTSA reach its Tier One goal including InSight, a technology resource management tool and an Encryption Initiative that will keep UTSA computer assets safe from unauthorized users, a student focused chatbot pilot, and intelligent automation initiatives. He has also led an initiative to receive 2.2 million dollars in funding from the University of Texas System for the Network Access Control (NAC) and Intrusion Detection system projects.

Currently, Espinoza is responsible for designing, monitoring, and setting the strategy for the university's information systems, networks, and electronic information. He reviews and interprets current and emerging laws to ensure compliance with all federal and state department information resources. He also develops training policies, standards, guidelines, and security monitoring for the campus. His projects include managing the Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems, and monitoring server and network hardware for potential security risks.

Espinoza's future projects include customization and personalization for UTSA faculty, staff, and students when interacting with UTSA technology, using AI to enhance the customer experience at UTSA, increasing security framework with cloud-based services and developing framework and strategies for security services on campus. He is an active member of the San Antonio Security Leaders forum, which meets quarterly to discuss important security issues in San Antonio, Texas.


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