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Wrapping up Fall 2019

Final Grades are due Monday, December 16 by 2:00 pm

The Office of the Registrar transfers final grades daily from Blackboard to ASAP from December 8 - 16, with the last run early morning on Tuesday, December 17.

Check out the Office of the Registrar’s helpful website about using ASAP.

Steps For Automatically Transferring Grades from Blackboard to ASAP:

The Blackboard Grade Center column with the final grade must meet the first three items for automatic grade transfer from Blackboard to ASAP to work.
  1. Grade Center Column name: ASAPFinal (no spaces, capitalization does not matter). Leave the Grade Center Name blank.
  2. The column must have letter grades in upper case (A, B, C, D, F or A+, B-, C+, D, etc.).
  3. The column must be set as External Grade Column (green check mark appears). Only set the External Grade marker when all of the grades are finalized and ready to transfer
  4. Once you set the ASAPFinal column as External Grade in Blackboard Learn, check your grades in ASAP the following day after 8 a.m.

  • F and I grades do not transfer automatically from Blackboard. Instructors enter them manually into ASAP.
  • The grade transfer process happens once, and does not overwrite existing grades in ASAP. 

Visit this website for additional information about Blackboard to ASAP Grade Transfers.

Preparing for a New Semester

Spring 2020 Course Shells available now

A new semester is almost upon us! Here are a few reminders about Blackboard courses to ensure a smooth start to the Spring 2020 semester.

Spring course shells are available to faculty now. Courses are available to students on the first day of classes, January 21. Other important dates are listed online.
  • Instructor access to Blackboard courses is controlled by Banner. Each section assignment is made by the academic department’s Banner Coordinator. (Please contact your department’s Banner Coordinator to confirm that the section in question has the correct Instructor of Record assigned in Banner. If a section is assigned to Staff, the instructor will not have access to the course.) 
    All course sections in Banner have corresponding course shells created automatically in Blackboard.
  • Banner also processes student enrollments automatically, including adds and drops

Helpful Documents

We have online, self-paced courses available for you.

  • TRN-OL-INTRO-SUB: Start Using Blackboard - basic introduction if you have never used Blackboard before
  • TRN-OL-INSTRUCTORS: Blackboard Training Course - overview of all the tools in Blackboard
  • TRN-OL-INTRO-GCS: Grade Center Scenarios - steps for setting up Grade Centers
  • Email your myUTSA ID (abc123) to onlinelearning@utsa.edu to be enrolled.

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