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New Student CampsROWDYS Camp

ROWDYS Camp is NOT Freshman Orientation

ROWDYS Camp is a 2-day, 1-night camp experience designed to change student’s academic and social experience at UTSA. At the camp participants will examine their Top 5 Strengths, as determined by StrengthsQuest assessment, and how they can be used to positively impact their academic and social experience at UTSA.

The camp takes place during the fall semester. All participants are provided transportation to and from the camp venue along with meals and lodging.

In order to attend camp students must be registered for and attending fall 2015 classes as a first-time freshman at UTSA. All camp participants must be nominated in order to be considered for camp. Nominations can be submitted by UTSA Faculty/Staff member, parent, peer, or a student can even nominate themselves.

Once a student has been nominated and is selected to attend ROWDYS Camp, they will be notified by Orientation and Family Programs. Students must complete the online camp confirmation process in order to attend the camp.

Quick Facts:

  • ROWDYS Camp: Fall 2015, October 2015
  • Location: John Newcombe Ranch, New Braunfels, TX
  • Nomination Deadline: September 14, 2015
  • Selected Students:
    • RSVP Deadline: September 21, 2015
    • Pre-Camp Meeting: Dates/Times Vary

General Information

What is ROWDYS Camp?

Raising Opportunities While Discovering Your Strengths (R.O.W.D.Y.S.)

ROWDYS Camp is designed to provide a select group of UTSA first time freshmen the opportunity to evaluate their current transition strategy to UTSA. As a result of the camp experience participants will identify their personal barriers to academic and social success; increase their awareness of successful strategies students use to overcome these barriers; and develop an action plan for their future academic and social success at UTSA.

When and where is ROWDYS Camp?

The camp dates are in October 2015, occurs during the Fall semester. All participants are provided transportation to and from the camp venue along with meals and lodging throughout ROWDYS Camp.

What is the Cost of ROWDYS Camp?

$0—Thanks to USAA, there is no cost to attend ROWDYS Camp. The StrengthsQuest assessment, transportation, meals, lodging, activities, and sessions are all provided for free at no cost to the student.