Who is this workshop aimed for?
It’s for the early career researcher, so we’ll focus on PhD graduate students and postdocs, but we expect some faculty to attend too. If space allows, we’ll include as many masters and undergraduate students as possible.

Are those dates correct? Starting the Saturday of Spring Break at UTSA?
Yes! In this way we can: (a) ensure graduate students and faculty are free of duties, (b) get a single workshop room to work in over the entire workshop at UTSA, and (c) this was the date requested by a representative group of students, front-loaded to the first weekend of Spring Break so that a 4-day break is available during the second half of the week.

Can I register for only part of the course?
As the course builds on itself during the week, it is important to attend all days. As we expect places to be oversubscribed, your acceptance into this workshop means that we expect attendance for all days.

What are the start and end times each day?
We are planning for a 9:00 am - 5:30 pm day on all days. We expect that lunch time will be for 1.5 hours.

What’s the agenda?
The day by day draft agenda will be available soon, but will be subject to changed based on the workshop’s attendees' progress.

Will food/drinks be provided?
No, due to budget limits no food or beverages will be offered.

I’ve heard about NSF’s big ideas, do you have any other information on this?
Yes, in 2016 NSF announced 10 big ideas for the future. The first of these is at least partly related to this workshop; it is titled "Harnessing Data," where they express the drive for "development of a 21st-century data-capable workforce." The full text can be found here.