SciCoder Workshop 2018

The SciCoder Workshop consists of five days of lectures and exercises aimed at early career researchers. It is designed to provide a solid foundation of modern programming practices to those in hard sciences (e.g. astronomy, physics) who have typically not had opportunities for formal training. The emphasis is on practical skills that are complementary to those working in research. It has been run at least annually at various universities (including NYU, Yale, and Vanderbilt) since 2010 and was created by the presenter, Demitri Muna.



March 10-14, 2018   |   9:00 am - 5:30 pm

The University of Texas at San Antonio
Biosciences Building, Room 3.03.02
(Loeffler Room)


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  • Space is strictly limited to ensure an optimal training experience.
  • Workshop attendees must bring their own laptop and install a list of software before arriving.
  • Linux and macOS is supported.
  • Windows is not supported; however, a Windows laptop can be used by running Linux in a dual boot or virtual environment (details available upon request).