Astronomy for Future STEM Teachers

The goal of this program is to provide new and interesting materials that will be useful to teach students in STEM fields. By concentrating on astronomy, a subject many children (and adults!) enjoy, we expect students to stay engaged and excited with STEM subjects. The course will have several field trips and will use the latest NASA-produced materials.

This program will provide opportunities to deeply engage with modern astronomy. Participants will learn about galaxies, dark matter, exoplanets, telescopes, and the future of astronomy. The program includes fieldtrips to the McDonald Observatory, the Scobee Education Center, and the Witte Museum.



May 14-25, 2018    |    9:00 am - 4:00 pm


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Lessons will be lead by professors and/or instructors, including:

  • Dr. Chris Packham, SOC Co-Chair, COS-Department of Physics & Astronomy
  • Dr. Carmen Fies, SOC Co-Chair, STEM Education & Instructional Technology, COEHD-Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching, COS-Department of Chemistry
  • Dr. Juliet Ray, COEHD-Research Office
  • Dr. Dina Drozdov, COS-Department of Physics & Astronomy
  • Dr. Lindsay Fuller, COS-Department of Physics & Astronomy
  • Dr. Rafael Lopez-Mobilia, COS-Department of Physics & Astronomy
  • Dr. Eric Schlegel, COS-Department of Physics & Astronomy
  • Mr. Bryan Tobias, COS-Department of Physics & Astronomy
  • Mr. Marc Wetzel, Senior Outreach Program Coordinator K-12 and Public Programs, McDonald Observatory
  • Mr. Rick Varner, Director of the Scobee Education Center
  • Dr. Amanda Bayless, Southwest Research Institute
  • Dr. Pete Roming, Southwest Research Institute
  • Ms. Christina Cate, Witte Museum Director of Play
  • Ms. Amy Mitchell, Witte Museum Director of Education
  • Ms. Sarah Rowley, Witte Museum STEM Education Manager




University of Texas at San Antonio
Soutwest Research Institute
San Antonio College
McDonald Observatory
Witte Museum