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Xomalin Peralta, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Office: AET 3.386
Phone: (210) 458-7901

Lab website:

Areas of Specialization

» Biophysics
» Metamaterials
» Nanotechnology
» Terahertz spectroscopy


Ph.D. in Physics; University of California, Santa Barbara
M.A. in Physics; University of California, Santa Barbara
B.S. in Physics; National Autonomous University of Mexico


Research Interests

The overall objective of our research is to understand the physical and electromagnetic interactions between different wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation in both material and biological systems. The goal is to develop technologies that can improve current characterization and imaging techniques in various fields.

In the area of THz Metamaterials we are interested in:

  1. the role of plasmon modes in the response
  2. developing compact devices to control and manipulate THz radiation
  3. developing metamaterial based nanomaterial, chemical or biological sensors

We also study the relationship between nanomaterial morphology and composition to the THz spectra, seeking to identify nanomaterials suited for THz applications such as contrast agents. Some of our collaborative projects focus on the interaction of biological systems with nanomaterials for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, both at infrared and THz wavelengths.



Click here for a list of publications.