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Forms and Worksheets

  • Emergency Purchase Justification: To identify circumstances so immediate and serious that needed service, construction or purchase could not be met through normal competitive procurement methods, and the lack of obtaining the good or service would seriously threaten the function of the University or the health and safety of any person.

  • Exclusive Acquisition Justification: Used to justify why competition was not used to determine "Best Value" for a procurement. This form is designed to assist faculty and staff in communicating the requirements of the purchase, explain the lack of competition and identify the supplier.

  • Gen. Contractor CSP Agreement: The CSP Agreement template is used in conjunction with the RFP Construction to form an agreement between UTSA and General Contractor.

  • General Stores Requisition: The General Stores Requisition is used to purchase items and provide delivery location along with bill to information.

  • Non-Disclosure Form: The Non-Disclosure Statement is used during the procurement process. Participants in a BID or RFP acknowledges there are no conflicts of interest and agrees to not disclose or otherwise divulge any information pertaining to the contents, status, or ranking of any proposal to anyone other than the evaluation team leader or evaluation team member.

  • Request for Records Storage: The Records Storage Request is used by departments to provide a general description of records and box numbers to be stored.

  • Retention Label: The Retention Label is used to identify individual boxes by department, number, and item description.

  • RFP Construction Template: The RFP Construction template is used for the procurement of construction services utilizing the Request for Proposal procurement method.

  • RFP Services Template: The RFP Services template is used for the procurement of goods and services utilizing the Request for Proposal procurement method. (Not Facilities)

  • RFQ Construction Template: The RFQ Construction template is used for the procurement of professional architectural or engineering construction services utilizing the Request for Qualifications procurement method.

  • Shipping Request Form: The Shipping Request Form is used to provide Central Receiving with information related to the shipment of goods such as type of shipping requested and the destination for delivery.

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