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Rockwall Policies

  • No climbing or bouldering unless a Rockwall Staff person is present.
  • All patrons must sign a "Release and Indemnification Agreement".
  • All patrons must check in with Outdoor Pursuits staff and present ID before climbing.
  • All patrons must pass a belay test before their fourth regular visit.
  • After passing a belay test you will be supervised as a "Beginner Belayer" for your next 3 visits to the wall.
  • Finding a belay partner is your responsibility. The Rockwall Staff attend to overall supervision, and cannot always provide belays.
  • Lead climbing will be limited and subject to additional certification.
  • No un-roped climbing above the height of the top-most holds on the bouldering wall. No "topping out" on the bouldering wall.
  • All climbers must use UIAA approved equipment. Belays must be anchored.
  • Only rock climbing shoes or running/athletic shoes will be permitted in climbing area. No bare feet.
  • The climbing area is limited to 15 climbers and belayers in total. Others may observe from behind the tens-a-barriers.
  • No electronic devices, food or drink allowed in the climbing area.
  • Privileges will be revoked if you attempt to climb while intoxicated.
  • Unsafe wall conditions should be reported to the RockWall staff immediately.
  • Staff reserves the right to ask patrons to leave the wall if circumstances require it.
  • Loose chalk is not permitted in the climbing area. Please use chalk socks.

...And a few points of Etiquette:

  • All eyes should be on the lookout for safety concerns.
  • Spot thy neighbor! Spotting is strongly recommended for all bouldering at the RockWall.
  • Stand clear of climbers' fall and swing zones.
  • The first boulderer off the ground has the "right of way".
  • Do not attempt to pass another climber by climbing above them.

Lending Policies

  • Equipment Loans

    Campus Rec members may use the ORC equipment lending program so long as they abide by the terms of the program:

    • Patrons must read and sign the Conditional Use Agreement
    • An Equipment Loan Form will be completed by staff each time equipment is checked out.
    • Patrons may check out no more than one of each item (except PFDs and paddles).
    • An orientation must be completed prior to checking out bikes, stoves, and boats. These orientations are available on a limited basis. (Monday - Thursday 4 pm-Bikes, 4:30 pm-Stoves, 5 pm-Boats)
    • Staff and patron assemble and pre-inspect equipment, confirming good condition. (ex. Set-up of tent prior to and upon return of checkout, to ensure quality.)
    • Fees will be assessed if equipment is returned late, damaged, wet or excessively dirty.
    • Patron will be charged the cost of replacement for equipment which is lost or irreparably damaged.
    • Loans made within the last two weeks of each academic term require documentation of enrollment in the next academic term.

  • Equipment Return

    Individuals checking out equipment through the Outdoor Resouce Center must return that equipment at the time appointed on the Loan Form.

    • Patrons must return eqipment clean, thoroughly dry and in good condition.
    • There should be no instances of users simply "dropping off" equipment without inspection by an Outdoor Pursuits staff.
    • Any patron who fails to return equipment or pay fees will be suspended from the Rec and have a hold placed on his/her records with the UTSA Registrars Office.

These policies are aimed at ensuring that:
* The quipment is returned in good condition
* It is processed and stored appropriately
* Our records of inventory are complete and up to date

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