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Final Exams

Final examinations or other evaluative activities are the accepted standard in all organized courses. These exams and evaluations are held at the close of each semester and summer term. The time and place of final examinations for organized courses are given in the University’s Final Examination Schedule which appears in the UTSA Schedule of Classes for each semester and summer term session ( Final examinations given during the Final Examination Schedule must be given on the dates and at the times when they are scheduled and in the places where they are scheduled.

For courses that end at times other than the official last day of classes and for courses that are not classified as organized, such as an independent study or internship, instructors are responsible for providing information to their students and their department chairs regarding final examination requirements.

The methods to be used in evaluating the performance of students are the prerogative and responsibility of the individual faculty member, except for the multiple-section courses where the Department provides for the necessary coordination of the evaluation procedures. Students shall be informed in writing as to the methods of evaluation to be used before the end of the add/drop period (beginning the first class day and ending on the Census Date.) (UTSA HOP 2.17,

At the end of each Fall and Spring Semester, the two days prior to the beginning of the final examination period are designated as Student Study Days. Classes do not meet during Student Study Days. Furthermore, Student Study Days are not to be used as dates on which papers are to be turned in, examinations are to be given, quizzes are to be scheduled, mandatory review sessions are to be held, or for any other class-related activities, other than office hours. Voluntary review sessions at which no new material is presented may be conducted by faculty on these days. There are no Student Study Days during the Summer Semester. Summer classes for the ten-week term (T) will not meet on final exam days for the first five-week (F) term.