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Registration for Classes

Students who attend classes at UTSA must be officially registered or approved to audit a course. Registration instructions are online each semester in ASAP. Questions regarding registration should be directed to the Enrollment Services Center or the Office of the Registrar.

UTSA does not guarantee the availability of particular courses or sections, and admission to classes is permitted only until the maximum number of students allowable in any section has been reached. UTSA reserves the right to cancel any course or section in which the number of registrants does not warrant its continuation.

A student is not permitted to register for classes offered in two consecutive time periods on different campuses, one at the Main Campus and the other at the Downtown Campus, unless there is at least a 40-minute period of time between the end of the first class and the beginning of the second class or the student has received special permission from the Dean of the college of his or her major to register for the two consecutive classes.

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Registration Instructions

You may view the Registration Instructions in a new tab in your browser or you may download the Registration Instructions (PDF Format) for later reference.

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Registration Eligibility

You can register for classes in ASAP (Web) if you do not have a Texas Success Initiative* (TSI) hold and are one of the following:

  • a continuing sophomore, junior, or senior
  • a continuing graduate student
  • a newly admitted transfer undergraduate (with 30 or more semester credit hours of UTSA accepted credit) or graduate student,
  • a readmitted undergraduate (with 30 or more semester credit hours of UTSA accepted credit) or graduate student,
  • a continuing declared freshman, including UT Austin’s Coordinated Admission Program
  • (CAP) students, who have attended an advising session with an academic advisor in the Colleges’ Freshman Advising Center, or a continuing provisionally admitted freshman, or a freshman who is undecided about a major and who has met with an academic advisor in the Tomás Rivera Center.

You cannot register in ASAP, and must consult with an academic advisor prior to registration if:

  • You have a Texas Success Initiative (TSI) hold*: an academic advisor can help with course selection and register you for classes.
  • You have been reinstated from dismissal: an academic advisor can help you develop a plan for improvement, assist with course selection, and register you for classes.
  • You have a college advising hold due to probation: an academic advisor can assist with course selection, and register you for classes.

Please be aware that if you register for classes and are subsequently found to be ineligible due to prior academic performance, you will be withdrawn.

* Under the TSI, undergraduate students entering Texas public institutions of higher education must be assessed for readiness to enroll in freshman-level academic coursework. Four testing instruments are used to determine students’ readiness:

  1. Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA)
  4. ASSET

A student needs to take only one of the above assessments to meet the requirements of TSI.) Unless exempt from TSI, students must have scores on file at UTSA for one of these tests prior to initial registration at UTSA. Please check for the latest information on the Texas Success Initiative and on UTSA’s policies to implement it.

You may not register at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at the same time. If you have been admitted at the graduate level but previously registered as an undergraduate for this semester, you must cancel the undergraduate registration before registering at the higher level. Contact the Graduate School at (210) 458-4330 for assistance.

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Late Registration

Late registration permits students who have been admitted to UTSA to register for classes during an allotted time just prior to and at the beginning of the semester as indicated in the online registration calendar each semester. Since many courses will have been closed at capacity, late registrants may need to select their courses from a reduced schedule. Students are not permitted to register after the close of the late registration period, except in extenuating circumstances. See the section “Adding Courses After Online Registration is Closed.”

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Adding Courses After Online Registration is Closed

Adding a course after the Online Registration period requires the approval of the course instructor and the chair of the department offering the course. After the Census Date in any semester, students may not add courses except in extremely rare and extenuating circumstances as approved by the Dean of the college offering the course and by the Dean of University College for undergraduate courses or the Dean of the Graduate School for graduate students.

Undergraduates seeking to register for or to add a graduate course in any of these time periods must obtain the special approvals specified in the undergraduate section “Enrollment in Graduate Courses.”

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The University of Texas System Online Consortium

The UT Online Consortium (UTOC) is a student’s gateway to online degrees and courses from the participating University of Texas System institutions. The majority of the programs listed in the UTOC Web site and offered by UT institutions can be completed entirely online. Any exceptions will be noted on the program information pages. Some programs can lead to a degree, endorsement or certificate conferred by the participating institution, while others are a grouping of courses. Online courses follow a semester-based schedule.

Information on courses and programs can be found on the Online Consortium Web site at

Students must be admitted to one of the UT System institutions in order to enroll in the Online Consortium courses. Students should also check with their academic advisors to ensure that enrollments in Consortium courses will satisfy their degree requirements.

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