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UTSA's New Electronic Transcript Service

Below are comments selected at random that students have made about the eSCRIP-SAFE electronic transcript ordering service within the past six months. These are general comments made by students who had both positive and negative experiences with the service (please note: any comments using questionable language or providing identifiable information have been edited).

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I requested this electronically six months prior to my second request. The first time never was sent out, both paper AND electronic versions never reached me. This request electronically & paper did reach me and very quickly. Much improved over last year.

The process was easy to complete and I received my transcript in the manner and time I was told I would.

A lot faster and easier.

Amazed at the speed!! Very pleased. :)


Awesome service, good job, this system make a huge difference!!

Being able to email my transcript to future employers was so beneficial because it got there quickly. Thanks!!

Best tool ever!!!

Both times I have used the system, my transcripts were delivered within 24 hours.. I think it is very efficient.

Delivery was instantaneous and TMDSAS had no issues processing it.

Easy to use and the process was completed quickly

Easy to use and very fast. Great tool!

Easy to use. Delivery time was excellent.

Easy, great way to get a transcript to where it needs to go quickly. Thanks for doing it this way.

Easy, painless, and much needed. I appreciate this service being available.

Ecstatic about the system; I work 2 part time jobs that add up to full time sometimes and it's great that I don't have to go in and make the request


E-mail about four -five days later came in thru spam. E-mail was confusing. Also, the on-line request was not clear as to where the transcript will be sent.

Enjoyed the ease of ordering and having it delivered within a short period.

Excellent Idea this a great way to get a transcript ASAP.

excellent idea. Although, it was kind of difficult to read the information in the way it was presented.

Excellent process. I had the transcript copy within a few minutes of submitting the request. Great improvement over the old system. Kudos!

Fast and convenient.. Excellent job!!

Fast and easy. This is incredible! And it was nice not to have to pay for it also! Good job all around!

Fast and efficient! Thanks!

fast and efficient. appreciated the confirmation e-mails

fast, easy, convenient

Fast. Problem free.

Get all other colleges and universities to do the same.

Good job on this

Great Idea

Great job. Thank you. Really made this easy.

Great service

Great service. Saved a lot of time

Great system and good security measures to assure the transcript is official.

Great way to send the transcripts. Keep up the good work UTSA.


Had my reservations about requesting my transcripts, I didn't think they'd be received as soon as they did. thank you.

How nice it is that this is an option. It took two weeks for a request for my undergrad transcripts from the University of Denver to be received (sent by snail mail) and then sent to the school I am applying to (also by snail mail). ETS rocks in comparison!

I am a military student stationed in Japan. The transcript I requested was delivered the very next day to the institution I'm applying to. I was amazed and extremely appreciative of the rapid service provided. Thank you so much!

I am happy this system was put in place, although trying to remember my ASAP login and password proved futile. Thankfully, the young lady that answered the phone was able to help me out. All in all, this process was easier and more efficient than trying to get my transcripts from another University I attended. It took almost two weeks due to the Thanksgiving holiday, versus an hour or two for the online system UTSA has in place.

I am INCREDIBLY thankful this service was available. It has been such a painful experience in the past getting official transcripts sent out to employers and the like.

I am SO pleased with the way UTSA handles transcript requests. I love this school and regret I had to move due to financial issues. I have had the greatest experience at UTSA and hope to be back soon.

I am very happy with the system and the results. Thank you very much for putting this system in place!

I appreciate how quickly the transcript was sent to and received by my intended recipient. Thank you for implementing this system.

I appreciate that it is free!

I appreciated the immediate availability. It was nice to have this when job applications are electronic and require attachments like transcripts. Thank you.

I did have a bit of trouble the first time I did it and I thought it went through but never got anything. I tried it a second time and it went through.

I do not currently go to UTSA but found it much easier and quicker to get my transcript from here than from my current college. It was easy to request, very simple process, and most importantly fast! I really appreciate this new process!

I don't see why it is necessary to register with the website. My UTSA id and password should be sufficient.

I don't think you need to send out daily reminders to open the electronic transcript.

I found this process to be easier and faster than what it was in the past. Within 24 hrs I was able to receive & download my transcript and submit complete applications for positions within a school district.

I got this transcript within a few hours of asking for it, i was impressed by the speed of it.

I had a very long address which needed to be entered, but the program only allows for a certain number of characters. I understand that most addresses are not as long as the one I had to enter, but maybe an allowance for a few more characters, especially for specific academic programs, would be helpful.

I had never before heard of electronic transcripts and was so glad to find out you all utilized them. The service was smooth and I had no hassles at all.

I had to get transcripts from other institutions at the time I got mine from UTSA but this was the best and easiest process I went through. Thank YOU!

I had to request a transcript twice in order for the receiving institution to get the transcript.

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