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Option #3: How to send an Electronic eSCRIP-SAFE Transcript

Click here for more information on the electronic eSCRIP-SAFE transcript service.

Important notes about the electronic eSCRIP service:

  1. Inform the recipient of your transcript that you intend to send them an e-transcript before you proceed. This will help prevent your transcript from being ignored or deleted as SPAM.
  2. Although the University provides official electronic transcripts, some recipients may require official paper transcripts. Please confirm that the recipient accepts official electronic transcripts prior to submitting the official electronic transcript request.

How to access the Electronic eScrip Transcript request webpage:

  1. Click on myUTSA from
  2. Click on ASAP.
  3. Click on Login to ASAP.
  4. Follow the ASAP log in process. If you have difficulty logging onto ASAP or do not know your student ID number call (210) 458-8000 or (800) 669-0919 for assistance.
    1. Enter your student ID (@XXXXXXXX)
    2. Use your date of birth (DOB) as your PIN, MMDDYY.
    3. You may be asked to update your address, email and emergency contact information.
    4. If you do not have an email address on file, you will be required to provide one.
  5. Click on Student Services.
  6. Click on Student Records.
  7. Click on Request Official Transcript.
  8. Option 3 is the electronic-transcript request option. You have the option of entering the name of the recipient in the EMAIL RECIPIENT FIELD.
  9. Enter a valid email address in the "EMAIL RECIPIENT:" field. You must enter the email twice. The electronic-transcript will be sent to the email you enter. If it is incorrect, your electronic-transcript will not be sent.

Students can send e-transcripts to any employers, institutions, and agencies that are willing recipients and have been informed in advance that the transcript will be arriving through email.

Sending/Submitting the Electronic eScripTranscript

E-transcripts requested via ASAP are processed within minutes on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week schedule. Once processed, the e-transcript is immediately sent to the designated recipient. Please note that during busy periods such as early registration, end of term grade processing, etc., e-transcript processing may be delayed as system resources could require redirection for other priorities.

Students may request up to five official transcripts of any type (Option 1, 2, or 3) daily. Currently enrolled students pay a Records Processing fee each semester they are enrolled. This fee guarantees them up to five free transcripts daily from UTSA, even AFTER they graduate or leave UTSA.

What the student will receive:

After submitting your request, you will receive two notification emails (sent by eSCRIP-SAFE) when the e-transcript:

  1. Has been sent to the recipient via the email provided in ASAP
  2. Has been opened by the recipient

Please note that the notifications will be sent to your preferred email address on file here at UTSA.

If you do not receive the first email notification within one business day, you should make sure the notification was not intercepted by a spam filter.

What the recipient will receive:

When the e-transcript has been sent, the transcript recipient will receive an email containing a secure link to access the official e-transcript. The email will be sent by eSCRIP-SAFE.

The recipient will have 14 business days to view the official transcript. If not viewed during that period, another e-transcript must be requested by the student. Once viewed by the recipient, the transcript will remain available for 24 hours before being deleted from the eSCRIP-SAFE server. The recipient can save the e-transcript PDF file locally or print it out locally or do both.

Recipients who seem to have not received the e-transcript should check their spam folder to make sure the email was not intercepted by their spam filter.

Saving a Transcript

In order to view the e-transcript, Adobe Reader 7.0, or higher, must be installed on the recipient's computer.

The recipient has three options to retain the transcript:

  1. Save to the institution's document imaging system
  2. Save electronically as a PDF document
  3. Print to paper

No matter which storage method is used, the recipient must make sure the document is secure and FERPA guidelines are followed.