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Transcript Account & Ordering Instructions

Set Up Your Account

Step One: Access the Online Transcript Ordering System

All current and former UTSA students must have a transcript account. Go to and create a transcript account (if you already have a transcript account, please skip to Step 5).

Step Two: Verify Your Identity

Authenticate yourself as a current or former UTSA student by entering your myUTSAID and passphrase. If you do not know your myUTSAID and passphrase, select the "Fill Out Basic Info" option so that we can identify you as a current or former UTSA student. If you are unable to authenticate yourself, please call Enrollment Services (210-458-8000 or 1-800-669-0919).

Step Three: Create a Transcript Account

Create a transcript account. This account is only for ordering official transcripts and can be used to log into the transcript ordering system in the future. NOTE: Email cannot be a UTSA email address.

Step Four: Verify Your Email

Verify your email address by clicking on the link emailed to the address you specified. If you did not receive an email, please check your spam folder.

Request Your Transcripts

Step Five: Log-in to the Online Transcript Ordering System

Log-in with your transcript email and password or if linked through verification email, click continue.

Step Six: Order Your Transcripts

You have a transcript account! There are 3 ways to send your transcript. Pay special attention to the following options:

Option 1: Send to University

This option is intended for submitting your official UTSA transcript to another University or College for admissions purposes. Select the institution from the menu provided. If your institution is NOT listed, exit Option 1 and select Option 2 Send Paper. Type in the address of the school and hit submit. If sending international transcripts, select Option 2.

Option 2: Send Paper

This option is intended for submitting your official UTSA transcript to a mailing address. This option is mainly for employment purposes but can be used for admissions as well. Make sure the address is correct before final submission. This includes specifying a specific department (example: Department of Human Resources) if needed. Option 2 allows you to attach a document to the transcript.

Option 3: Send Via Email

UTSA offers eSCRIPsafe email transcripts. This process is as secure as Options 1 and 2. You can email an official transcript to yourself, or an identified third party. You are encouraged to notify the email recipient that an eSCRIP transcript is being sent. Although UTSA provides official electronic transcripts, some recipients may require paper. Note, this option is not recommended for admission purposes.

Read more about E-Scrips.

Step 7: Review Your Order

After requesting all your transcripts, proceed to the checkout (cart icon). Review all your orders for accuracy. You may edit your requests from this page.

Step 8: Submit Your Order

Submit Requests! Your order will not be processed until you click "Submit Requests." You may view all transcript orders by clicking the history icon.

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