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Orientation is the next big step towards enrolling at UTSA after you have been admitted. It is required for Freshman and Transfers and the experience is designed to welcome you and ensure a successful transition into college life.

How do I reserve my spot for Orientation?

The Orientation Reservation System opens at specific dates based on your admitted term and student classification (Freshman or Transfer). You access the system through your ASAP account and will follow the onscreen step-by-step instructions to reserve your spot.

Sign up for Spring Orientation typically opens in September and for Summer and Fall Orientation in March. For further instructions on how to sign up for Orientation, visit

What happens at Orientation?

As the excitement of college starts to settle in, many students may find they have lingering questions regarding academics, student services, housing and residence life, financial aid and much more. Orientation will answer many of these questions and prepare you for your first semester at UTSA.

  • Complete a class schedule in his/her chosen major
  • Have an effective and comprehensive academic advising session
  • Gain knowledge of UTSA student support services and academic life
  • Gain a better understanding of the personal, academic and financial responsibilities of attending college
  • Reduce anxiety about the transition to college life
  • Develop UTSA spirit, and pride

Questions? Contact the following office:

Orientation and Family Programs


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