Your Academic Advisor

Before you attend Orientation and start your first semester, you will be assigned an academic advisor. Your academic advisor will be your guide throughout your academic career and help you plan your course schedule and help make sure you’re on track to graduate.

Who is my academic advisor?
  1. Log into ASAP.
  2. On the Main Menu select Student Services.
  3. Under Student Services select Advisor Contact Information.
  4. Select your Term and click on List Advisors.
  5. Your designated advisor will be listed.
When can I meet with my advisor?

The first time you will meet with your academic advisor is during Orientation. After that, you will have times throughout your time at UTSA that you will be required to meet with your advisor to help make sure you’re on track to graduation (such as after completing 45 and 90 credit hours). You can also set up appointments with your advisor when you want to discuss your classes and academic progress.

Questions? Contact the following office:

Academic Advising

Social: @UTSAadvising

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