Set your Preferred E-mail

You are issued a "myUTSA" e-mail address when you activate your myUTSA ID. All official UTSA communications will be sent to this email address, unless you change it. If you wish to use a personal email account to recieve official UTSA communications, which includes important Financial Aid and Registration information, login to ASAP to change your preferred e-mail address.

Why is the Preferred E-mail important?

All UTSA official correspondence is sent to your preferred email address, as selected on ASAP.

How can I use my personal email address?

Log in to your ASAP account and click the "Personal Information" tab, then click "Update E-mail Addresses".

Questions? Contact the following office:

UTSA One Stop Enrollment Center

Call: 210-458-8000 or 1-800-669-0919
Social: @UTSAonestop

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