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While this Handbook is intended to be a summary of certain matters of interest to student organizations, its readers should be aware that:

  • It is not a complete statement of all procedures, rules and regulations of the University;
  • The University reserves the right to change without notice any procedure, policy, and/or program which appears in this handbook;
  • Divisions and departments may have their own procedures and policies, which apply to student organizations.

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Promotion & Publicity of Events

Download the chapter pdf.


The policies outlined in the UTSA Handbook of Operating Procedures must also be followed (

Signs on Stakes

Stakes may be placed on campus to advertise for date-specific events or directional use only.  They may not be placed in flowerbeds or visible from off campus (i.e. not on UTSA Blvd.).  See the Signs on Stakes (Yard Signs) Guidelines outlined in the Student Organization Handbook.



Students, faculty and staff may distribute printed materials on campus.  The materials must meet all posting policies with regard to subject matter.


Need to Know Bi-Monthly Email

This email is distributed to student leaders and advisors on campus.  To have updates, announcements, or reminders put in this newsletter, send a message



Student organizations can create events through their page on

  • Those events that are at the organizational level will be automatically approved. 
  • Events at the campus level are reviewed by Student Activities. 
  • Student organizations are not allowed to post at the public level. 
  • Event Visibility Levels:
    • Anyone in the world: events will be visible to users and non-users of RowdyLink
      • Not available to Student Organizations
    • Students & Staff at RowdyLink: events will be visible on the public events page for RowdyLink users only.
    • Organization Members: events will be visible on the organization's page by members only.
    • Invited Members: events will be visible to those who were invited.


UTSA Today

UTSA Today is a website based newsletter. (  To submit an article to UTSA Today please utilize the NewsWire Link (form must include a weblink):


The Paisano

The Paisano is an independent student newspaper that is distributed every Tuesday during the academic year.  An advertisement can be purchased or an announcement can be sent with event information to be placed in the Calendar of Events section.  For more information contact the Paisano


Residence Hall

To pass out flyers at the residence hall you must contact each facility individually.  University Oaks call 210-877-3091, Chisholm call 210-458-6700, and Chaparral Village or Laurel Village call 210-458-6200.


Banners and Flyers

Banners and flyers may be hung across campus in various approved locations.  See the Posting Policy and General Posting Locations outlined in the Student Organization Handbook.


Donation Boxes

Donation boxes may be placed for a maximum of three weeks in the following locations: under a student organization's assigned bulletin board and by the stairwell in the MH as you enter from the side of the SU.  Downtown, boxes can be placed in the Frio Street Commons, outside the library, in the Student Center and in the lobby of the Monterrey Building. 

The following information must be included on the box: name of the student organization or department, location of where items will be donated, type of items needed (books, clothes etc.) and contact information.  In addition, the box should be wrapped neatly and decorated.  Student Activities must approve and stamp each box.  If the student organization or department does not pick up boxes at the end of the three-week period, Student Activities will donate the items to a place at their own discretion.



Sidewalk Chalk
Chalking on campus is not allowed due to the safety concerns and cleanup costs. If a student organization violates the policy and uses sidewalk chalk, they will be charged for any cleanup costs that are incurred.

A-Frames (also known as sandwich boards) cannot be used by student organizations to promote their organization or events hosted by their organization. Sponsored student organizations may use them for their events only.



Registered student organizations have the ability to distribute news articles on RowdyLink. News articles can promote a registered student organization's noncommercial events and activities or share accomplishments.

All information and photos posted must comply with federal and state laws, including copyright law, and the policies and rules of The University of Texas at San Antonio. UTSA reserves the right to remove any posts or comments that UTSA determines is in violation of any law, regulation, policy, rule, or is obscene.



Student Organization News Article Submission Outline:

  • Student organization news articles must be written in short, journalistic story form.
    • News Articles can contain additional information, including:
      • An organization contact for more information (can be a contact person or a website, email address or social media site)
      • A quote by one of the organization's leaders
      • A photo. View UTSA News photo guidelines here
  • News Articles distributed by student organizations on campus must contain a disclaimer that indicates that student organization literature is not official University literature and does not represent the views of the University or its officers.

The disclaimer should read:
[Name of publication] is published by [name of student organization], a registered student organization. [Name of publication] is not an official publication of the University of Texas at San Antonio and does not represent the views of the University or its officers.


News articles that are not published on RowdyLink include:

  • Solicitations or links to solicitations. This includes promotions for a business, off-campus organization, agency or national association.
  • Job advertisements/business opportunities or links to job advertisements/business opportunities. These are posted at
  • Events for groups that aren't registered student organizations.
  • No multiple/identical news articles or events.
  • Development stories (i.e. official Kickstarter campaigns, Crowdfunding campaigns) other than those managed through Launch UTSA.
  • Anything utilizing UTSA Brand Identity without proper approval
  • Recruitment materials for Registered Student Organizations




  • Signs regarding official University events will be given priority in regard to placement, etc.
  • Signs are the responsibility of the organization/department.  The organization/department assumes the risk that any sign that is placed could be stolen or damaged.
  • Signs must be either directional signs or an announcement of a date-specific event (not to exceed a week in length).  Signs announcing regularly scheduled meetings do not comply with this policy.
  • Signs announcing a date specific event may be posted up to ten calendar days prior to event; signs must be removed within one business day after the event.  These time restrictions do not apply to major University initiatives such as Homecoming, Roadrunner Days, Graduation, Student Government Association Elections, and Orientation.
  • Directional signs may be posted up to one calendar day prior to the event and must be removed by the calendar day after the event.
  • Directional signs must include the event name and the sponsoring organization.  Announcement signs must include the date(s) of the event, the event name and the sponsoring organization.
  • Any sign that is 24 x 18 (or smaller) corrugated plastic with a stakes made from 8 or 9-gauge steel (approximately 3mm in diameter) may be placed by the organization.  Due to underground utilities and irrigation, any sign larger than 24 x 18 or one with a larger stakes than 3mm in diameter must be placed by physical plant, the organization will be charged for this service.
  • Signs on Stakes may be displayed within the perimeter of campus, but not along UTSA Boulevard.   No sign may be posted in flower beds, next to fire hydrants, blocking other signs, or impeding the flow of traffic.  See the Yard Sign map in the Student Activities office for suggested locations on UTSA property. 
  • If the signs are not removed by the required date, the organization/department may be billed for the removal.
  • The University reserves the right to remove signs for violations of this policy, for safety-related reasons, or to prevent any confusion regarding official University events.
  • Yard signs are now allowed on UTSA Housing/Residence areas
  • Yard signs are not allowed on UTSA Campus Recreation areas unless specifically denoted on the Yard sign map.

Approval Process

  • Bring a copy of the yard sign to Student Activities (HSU 1.210)
  • Complete the Yard Sign Log
  • Post your sign – see above regulations for more information
  • Remove the signs within one business day.

yard sign map


Wooden Letters & Tents

If a student organization wishes to display large wooden letters or tents on campus, they may do so following the guidelines established for "Exhibits" in the UTSA Handbook of Operating Procedures.  Those policies are located at (look for X. Exhibits, over half way down the page).


Posting Policy Violations

Student organizations are expected to abide by the posting guidelines established in the Student Organization Handbook and those in the UTSA Handbook of Operating Procedures Chapter 9.09 (found at   Any violation of these policies that is brought to the attention of the Office of Student Activities will be handled as follows: 

  • First violation – The Assistant Director of Student Organizations will send a warning letter to the organization outlining the violation and reiterating the polices that must be followed.  If the organization has questions about the content of the letter, they should schedule an appointment with the Assistant Director of Student Organizations to review.  If after the meeting the organization wishes to do so, they may appeal to the Associate Director of Student Activities.
  • Second violation, within six months of the first violation – The Assistant Director of Student Organizations will send a letter to the organization outlining the violation.  The organization will lose the privilege to post on campus for 30 days.  If the organization wishes to do so, they may appeal to the Associate Director of Student Activities.
  • Third violation, within six months of the second violation – The Assistant Director of Student Organizations will send a letter to the organization outlining the violation.  The organization will lose the privilege to post on campus for 90 days and they will be required to meet with the Associate Director.
  • Student Activities within two weeks of the letter.  If the organization wishes to do so, they may appeal to the Director of Student Activities.
  • Further violations of the posting policy, within six months of the third violation, will result in a referral to the Dean of Students, following the process outlined in the Student Organization Relationship Statement.