Paper Shredding

Shred Day UTSA

Free document-shredding event! 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., February 17, 2017

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RecycleMania 2017

RecycleMania 2017

Go UTSA! Join us as we compete against top universities in RecycleMania 2017! Visit our recycling news page for full details.

Rowdy New U

Rowdy New U

Stressed out? Low on energy?

Enhance your health and well-being by linking up with Rowdy New U!

Gold Star Labs

Gold Star Labs

Check out our growing list of GOLD STAR LABS!

Reduce, re-use, recycle!

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Bauerle Road Garage

Grand Opening!

Announcing the new Occupational Health & Wellness Center!

An example of a lab equipment clearance tag

Laboratory & Equipment Clearance Protocol


Environmental Health Safety & Risk Management (EHSRM) will conduct inspections on equipment and laboratories to verify surface decontamination from chemical, biological, and radioactive material(s) have been carried out. Contact the Lab Safety Division to inspect laboratory equipment prior to any of the following: repairs, transfers, disposal, recycling, surplus, etc. The following procedure shall be followed in order to release laboratory equipment to the general public for any purpose as previously listed:

Equipment Clearance Procedure

Prior to vacating a laboratory, EHSRM can provide insight on the requirements for closing out the laboratory. Once the laboratory has been vacated, EHSRM will verify that all chemical, biological, radioactive material(s) have been removed from the laboratory prior to Housekeeping / Facilities services. The following procedure shall be used to complete the EHSRM laboratory clearance:

An example of a laboratory clearance tag

Laboratory Clearance Procedure

For further information contact the Lab Safety Division.