RecycleMania 2016

RecycleMania 2016

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Rowdy New U

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Gold Star Labs

Gold Star Labs

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Bauerle Road Garage

Grand Opening!

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Ordering Radioactive Material


The acquisition of all radioactive material must be approved in advance by the Radiation Safety Officer to avoid hazards in improper use or undue costs in waste disposal. Only Authorized Users on UTSA's Radioactive Materials License can acquire radioactive materials. The requirement for prior approval of each acquisition applies to purchases, "no charge" donations, free trial samples or free replacement shipments, General License material, and to transfers between labs or from or to another institution.

Purchases are made by submitting a PB4 document (Purchase Request) in UTSA's Point Plus online ordering system. Only radioactive items are to be included on an order. Give each item a commodity code of 193-80. The commodity code routes the purchase request to the Radiation Safety Personnel for approval. Include your e-mail address and lab contact information in the order. Return e-mails will be sent confirming the expected delivery date when the order is placed by a Buyer in Purchasing. The instructions assume that you have taken the required training for using Point Plus and are familiar with placing standard Purchase Requests. If you have someone else place an order for you, be sure to clearly advise them that the order is for radioactive material and must be routed through Radiation Safety Personnel according to the instructions. Allow 24 hours for order placement as several financial approvals are necessary before RSO approval. For rush orders, apprise signers of the need for immediate approval. For all orders, email Radiation Safety Personnel to ensure timely approval.

If you want to transfer radioactive material between labs or between institutions, contact Radiation Safety Personnel. Stringent state and federal regulations do not allow individuals to transport or ship radioactive material themselves.

Requirements for obtaining radioactive material are available in the Radiation Safety Manual.

For more information, contact Radiation Safety Personnel.