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Channel Listings

All employees with occupational exposure must enroll in the Occupational Health Program. You may enroll using the Part 1 — Risk Assessment form.
R = Required P = Potentially necessary, depending on medical review O = Optional, enrollee preference
N = Not required / not offered
  Part 1 — Risk Assessment Part 2 — Essential Activities Questionnaire Part 3 — Animal Allergy Questionnaire Part 4 — Health Assessment Physical Immuni-
Respiratory Program Labs Eye exam Audio-
Animal handlers R O O O P O P N N N
Laboratory Animal Resources Center (LARC) R R R O P O R N N N
Laser User R O N N N N N N O N
Child Development Center R R N O P O N R N N
Commercial Drivers' License R N N N R O N R N N
Grounds R R P O P O P N N P
Hazmat R R N R R O R R N N
Housekeeper R O N O N O N N N N
Painter R P N O P N P N N N
Police R O N O O O N P N N
Pesticide User R R P P P O P P N N
Plumber R R N O P O N N N N
Student Health Services R R N O P O R R N N
Athletic Trainer R N N N N O N N N N
Mechanical Maintenance R P N P N O N N N R
Carpenter R P N P N O N N N R
Respirator User R R N R P N R N N N
Asbestos Worker R R N R R N R N N N