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Section 1 - Membership

1. Staff Council representation shall be proportional based on the number of employees from areas designated by the President.
2. Representation will be reviewed every odd-numbered year after the Staff Council is established to consider reallocation of the member seats.
3. Changes in the designated areas, the total membership, or the distribution of representatives can be accomplished without amendment of the Bylaws, with the approval by the President.

Section 2 - Eligibility

1. Eligible Staff, represented by Staff Council, shall consist of all of UTSA's benefits-eligible Classified Staff plus all of UTSA's Administrative and Professional Staff excluding executive directors of large operating units, assistant vice presidents, associate vice presidents, or vice presidents. All employees with an Academic appointment are excluded.
2. Representatives are elected solely from the eligible Staff.
3. Upon termination or retirement, membership in Staff Council will cease.

Section 3 - Terms of Staff Council Service

1. The term of a member of Staff Council shall be two years.
2. The terms will be linked to even and odd years so that half of Staff Council will be reelected each year.
3. There is no limit to the number of terms a member of Staff Council may serve.
4. If a member of Staff Council changes jobs to another area, that member may tender their resignation or continue to serve on Staff Council for the completion of the term.
5. An elected representative whose job classification changes during his or her term may serve until the next election.

Section 4 - Compensation

None of the members or agents of Staff Council shall receive or solicit salary, reimbursement, compensatory time or compensation for serving on Staff Council.

Section 5 - Constituent Relations

Staff Council members shall be expected to communicate regularly with their constituents.