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Executive Board

Section 1

Officers of Staff Council shall be elected by Staff Council. Officers will make up the Executive Board of Staff Council.

Section 2

Officers include: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary/Historian, and Parliamentarian

Section 3

Duties of the Officers:

  1. The Chair or his/her executive designee shall
    1. be present at all meetings of Staff Council;
    2. conduct Staff Council meetings;
    3. only vote on an issue in the case of a tie;
    4. ensure that projects undertaken by Staff Council are developed, organized, and implemented in an orderly and timely manner;
    5. involve the Vice Chair in all decisions;
    6. sit on all Staff Council committees as a non-voting ex officio member;
    7. hold no other office; and
    8. may be asked to serve on UT System Employee Advisory Council and fulfill other responsibilities and duties as required.

  2. The Vice Chair shall
    1. assume the position and duties of chair at the end of the chair's term or at such time as the chair's seat is vacated;
    2. become thoroughly knowledgeable of all chair decisions to provide a smooth transition and continuity of duties;
    3. conduct Staff Council meetings in the absence of the Chair;
    4. be authorized to sign all documents for Staff Council in the absence of the Chair;
    5. assume other duties as directed by Staff Council;
    6. serve as the Acting-Chair during extended, but not permanent, absences of the Chair (i.e. vacation, illness, etc.);
    7. assist the Chair with duties as needed;
    8. hold no other office;
    9. may serve as a voting committee member unless serving as Acting Chair;
    10. sits on all Staff Council committees as a non-voting ex officio member;
    11. may be asked to serve on UT System Employee Advisory Board and fulfill other responsibilities and duties as required.

  3. The Secretary/Historian shall
    1. give notice of all meetings;
    2. prepare and maintain a file of official minutes for all meetings of Staff Council. The minutes shall be kept in a book and will be summarized after the meeting with corrections made as needed;
    3. help with all correspondence as directed by Staff Council within the time frame specified;
    4. keep and archive the history of the formation and all members and actions of Staff Council;
    5. hold no other office.

  4. The Parliamentarian shall
    1. be ready to answer points of order in accordance with Roberts' Rules of Order- the newly revised;
    2. advise Staff Council and the Chair on points of order.

Section 4 - Terms of Office

  1. The term of office for all officer positions will be one year.
  2. No member may hold more than one office at a time and no member shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.
  3. Any member may be reelected to an officer position, which they held for two consecutive terms after being vacant from that position for one full term.

Section 5 - Executive Board Vacancies

  1. Any Officer vacancy occurring in the Executive Board, excluding the Chair (see Article IV Section 3b), shall be filled only from the remaining Staff Council members.
  2. The process will be by nomination and vote of the remaining members of Staff Council.
  3. A member of Staff Council elected to fill a vacancy shall serve for the remaining term of the vacancy.
  4. A recalled officer may continue to serve as a Staff Council member. The officer will be eligible for any future election to an officer position with a 2/3 vote by Staff Council.