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Section 1

1. Each Staff Council member position will be elected by open ballot with a two-year term.
2. Once elected, Staff Council member will represent the area from which they were elected.
3. The terms will be linked to even and odd years so that half of Staff Council will be reelected each year.
4. Elections of Staff Council members shall be held every May to become effective September 1 of the next fiscal year.
5. Elections of Executive Board members shall be held every September to become effective immediately.

Section 2

The Chair of Staff Council shall select a Chair of an Elections Committee, who shall not be a candidate for reelection to Staff Council during the year of service as Elections Committee Chair. The Elections Committee may make necessary modifications to operating procedures for the nomination and election of representatives, subject to approval by Staff Council.

Section 3

Elections for vacant Staff Council positions will be conducted through secret balloting and carried out by the Elections Committee, in accordance with election procedures as established in these Bylaws.

Section 4

Nominations of Classified Staff candidates for Staff Council may be made by any of UTSA's eligible Classified Staff as defined in Section 2-Eligibility, who works within the area of the nominee. Administrative and Professional Staff are nominated at large from the pool of eliligibility. The Elections Committee is responsible for verifying eligibility of nominees and for assuring that a minimum number of candidates are nominated for each category. The minimum number is one more than the number of vacancies to be filled per category. If the minimum number is not reached through the nomination process, the Elections Committee will solicit the sections to meet the minimum number.

Section 5 - Procedures for Elections

a. Nominations:

1. Nomination forms will be identified by area and the nominating Staff will be verified by the Election Committee. The Election Committee will establish a schedule so that the nomination forms will be available to all eligible Staff.
2. The Election Committee shall verify eligibility, willingness of nominees to run and to serve, in writing, and shall inform the nominees of meeting times, attendance requirements, the time commitment required, and the fact that this is a voluntary position with no additional compensation.

b. Voting:

1. The Election Committee shall prepare and distribute ballots in the same manner as the nomination forms. The maximum number of nominees per area to appear on the ballot shall not be limited.
2. The Election Committee will establish a schedule so that the ballots are available to all eligible Staff.

c. Counting Ballots:

1. The Elections Committee shall count the ballots and present preliminary results to Staff Council for certification. At least two committee members shall count the ballots; however, no committee member will participate in ballot counting for his/her respective area.
2. In the event of a tie vote, the Election Committee will prepare a run-off ballot, repeat the election process and present the results to Staff Council.

d. Announcement of Election Winners:

1. The Chair of the Election Committee will notify winners and alternates and invite them to attend the next meeting of Staff Council as guests.
2. Election results will be given to the Secretary for publication.
3. Seats still open after the normal election process has concluded will be filled from among those nominated but not elected in a specific area.
4. The selection will be determined by the order of the highest number of votes received in that area.
5. Administrative and Professional and Classified Staff may not fill vacant seats of the other classification. These individuals will be announced as alternates and will not represent a specific area but rather, the whole staff body.
6. Alternates will otherwise have all duties, responsibilities and powers of any other Staff Council member.
7. Candidates may not elect to run as alternates but must run within their own area.

e. Election Records:

1. Lists of the votes received will be secured and maintained by Staff Council Secretary/Historian for the term of those elected by the results, then later destroyed.
2. All ballots will be sealed and held for three months after the announcement of results. If no allegations of fraud or error are brought forward, the ballots will be destroyed.

Section 6 - Election of Executive Board Members

1. At the first meeting after new elections , Staff Council shall elect, from among its membership, a Chair, Vice Chair , Secretary/Historian, and a Parliamentarian to comprise the Executive Board.
2. All nominees must be present and state their willingness to serve in the nominated position to be considered.
3. he Vice Chair nominee(s) must be at the beginning of their two-year term(s).
4. Elections will be by majority vote.