The eighth regular meeting of the Faculty Senate for the academic year 2006-2007 was held May 3,2007 at 3:30 p.m. in the University Room (BB 2.06.04) with Dr. Mansour El-Kikhia, Chair, presiding.

  1. Call to order and taking of attendance
  2. Present: Diane Abdo, Mark Allen, Rosalie Ambrosino, Thad Bartlett, Rajendra Boppana, Aaron Cassill, Mansour El-Kikhia, Juanita Firestone, MaryEllen Garcia, Anne Hardgrove, Timothy Goles, Eduardo Jimenez, Jordan Craig, Paul LeBlanc, Melody Lo, John McCray, Patricia McGee, Jolyn Mikow, Sandy Norman, Elizabeth Pate, Paul Debajyoti, Dianne Rahm, Robert Renthal, Cherylon Robinson, Mariela Rodriguez, Michael Ryan, Ted Skekel, Raydel Tullous, Judith A. Walmsley, Karen Williams, Yao Wan

    Absent: Ron Binks (excused), Rena Bizios (excused), Lorenzo Brancaleon (excused), David Bruenger (excused), John Byrd, Fengxin Chen, Kirsten Gardner (excused), Heather Hill (excused), Amy Jasperson (excused), Eugene John (excused), Jolyn Mikow (excused), Steve Murdock, Thomas Ricento, Ron Rutherford (excused), Nestor Sanchez, Rocky Shih, L.J. Shrum (excused), John Simonis (excused), Jon Thompson (excused)

    Total members present: 31
    Total members absent: 19

  3. Approval of minutes of April 12, 2007
    1. Corrections were made to the minutes:
      1. The name Diane Abdo was replaced with the name Diane Rahm on the ad hoc committee for investigating the eradication of the earth sciences department.
      2. A sentence was inserted in section G, stating that the Provost indicated the reason for the immediate dissolution of the environmental science department was because of the concerns regarding safety and threats of violence.
  4. Reports
    1. Senate Chair - Dr. Mansour El-Kikhia
    2. Dr. El-Kikhia announced that the Faculty Senate wanted to present to the administration names of facuIty who will work on revising the Handbook of Operating Procedures. A motion was made that these nominations from the faculty senate. The Faculty Senate will provide the names for the new HOP committee.

      Motion made. Seconded. Approved.

      An addendum was suggested that the committee itself be allowed to divide into subgroups of interest to which they are not appointed.

      Motion made. Seconded. Approved.

      The Senate then approved forwarding the names of members of the faculty to serve on the committee.

    3. Secretary of the General Faculty - Dr. Sandy Norman
    4. Dr. Sandy Norman stated that there had not been a University Assembly meeting since the last Faculty Senate meeting. Therefore, there was nothing to report at this time.

    5. Unfinished Business None.
    6. D. Committees
      1. University Curriculum Committee-Dr. Robert Renthal
      2. The University Curriculum Committee recommended approving the criminal justice minor.

        Motion Made. Seconded. Approved.

        The University Curriculum Committee recommended approving the changes in admission requirements for biology majors.

        Motion Made. Seconded. Approved.

        The University Curriculum Committee recommended approving the first time freshmen admission criteria.

        Motion Made. Seconded. Approved.

        The University Curriculum Committee recommended approving the Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management.

        Motion Made. Seconded. Approved.

        A motion was made to discuss the minor in biology, which was tabled at the previous meeting.

        Motion Made. Seconded. Approved.

        The minor in biology was discussed. However, there was no document available, so Dr. Renthal announced that the committee would have to wait for a document before a decision could be reached.

      3. Ad Hoc Committee (Environmental Science)-Dr. Sandy Norman
      4. Dr. Sandy Norman reported that the committee's work was still in progress. He reported that, to date, the committee had interviewed some of the faculty in civil engineering and earth and environmental sciences. The committee collected data in the form of OlD reports and the external review committee report. He hoped to come back with information that would be useful to the Faculty Senate by the end of the month.

      5. Dr. Ted Skekel reported developing questions for a proposed course survey questionnaire to be administered in house. He also reported coordinating with the group that will be working on the HOP over the summer to make recommendations regarding the use of the information.
    7. Graduate Consent Calendar
    8. Dr. Ted Skekel announced the following programs approved by various committees on the Graduate Council:

      1. Child and Adolescent Development Proposal
      2. Proposal for Graduate Certificate with Security Studies
      3. Master of Arts in teaching English as a second language
    9. Provost's Report-Dr. Rosalie Ambrosino
    10. Dr. Ambrosino congratulated the faculty who were honored at the honors convocation. The Provost explained her decision to step down from her position. She announced that Dr. Romo would be naming an interim provost within the next week or two.

      Dr. Ambrosino announced that the strategic plan is in final draft form. Budget allocations are a significant issue for academic affairs. She stated that she has worked with all of the areas in academic affairs to assemble a total request to the university for budget allocations for the next two years.

      She stressed the importance of working on the Handbook of Operating Procedures this year. She stated that this will be the summer of the HOP, and her office looks forward to bringing back recommendations in the fall.

      Dr. Ambrosino announced that Larry Williams is overseeing the efforts of appointing a blue ribbon committee to examine the undergraduate experience. Nancy Martin, from the college of education and human development chairs this committee, which makes recommendations about curriculum, globalization and diversity, writing across the curriculum, critical thinking, as well as the holistic experience UTSA wants to give students beyond the classroom.

      She reported that the University is making significant progress with the graduation and retention initiatives

      Dr. Ambrosino said she would like to re-constitute a better environmental science program that can have a global perspective. She requested that anybody with ideas or an interest in serving on the environmental science and engineering committee send her an e-mail.

    11. Open Forum
    12. Bill Chambers recounted his argument with the dean and the vice-president of research regarding the Center of Excellence in Biotechnology Bioprocessing Education and Research (C.E.B.B.E.R.) program. He wanted to make known the problem with the office of sponsored projects regarding funds that should not have been given away. He stated that he did not know if it was negligence or indifference, but he felt that it affected all of the faculty. Dr. El-Kikhia announced that if the issue could not be resolved, then a committee would be formed to deal with the issue.

  5. New Business
  6. None

  7. Adjournment