The first regular meeting of the Faculty Senate for the academic year 2007-2008 was held September 13,2007 at 3:30 p.m. in the Assembly Room (JPL 4.03.08) with Dr. Mansour EI­Kikhia, Chair, presiding.

  1. Call to order and taking of attendance
  2. Present: Diane Abdo, Marian Aitches, Mark Allen, Thad Bartlett, Karan Bhanot, Ron Binks, Rena Bizios, Rajendra Boppana, Lorenzo Brancaleon, Aaron Cassill, Sara Deturk, Mansour El-Kikhia, Juanita Firestone, Margaret Flores, MaryEllen Garcia, Kirsten Gardner, Timothy Goles, Eduardo Jimenez, Eugene John, Craig Jordan, Melody Lo, John McCray, Patricia McGee, Sandy Norman, Debajyoti Paul, Diane Rahm, Robert Renthal, Cheryl on Robinson, Michael Ryan, Rocky Shih, Alan Shoho, John Simonis, Raydel Tullous, Judith Walmsley, Wan Yao

    Absent: David Bruenger, John Byrd (excused), Fengxin Chen, Julius Gribou (excused), Amy Jasperson (excused), Melvin Laracey, Jolyn Mikow (excused), Nestor Sanchez, Larry Shrum (excused), Ted Skekel (excused), Jon Thompson, Karen Williams (excused), Mary Zey

    Total members present: 35
    Total members absent: 13

  3. Approval of minutes of May 3, 2007
    1. An omission on attendance was reported, noted, and corrected.
  4. Reports
    1. Senate Chair - Dr. Mansour El-Kikhia
    2. Dr. El-Kikhia announced nominations and elections would be held later in the meeting. Also, he asked senators to provide input on issues they think the Faculty Senate should address this year.

      Dr. El-Kikhia asked new members to introduce themselves: Sara Deturk, Communication (replacing Paul LeBlanc); Alan Shoho, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies ( replacing Mariela Rodriguez); Karan Bhanot , Finance (replacing Ron Rutherford); and Margaret Flores, Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching (replacing Elizabeth Pate).

      Dr. El-Kikihia announced that Dr. Rosalie Ambrosino has stepped down as provost, and Mr. Julius Gribous is serving as interim provost. A search for a provost is ongoing; deadline for applicants was September 12th• The search committee will submit three recommendations to President Ricardo Romo, who will then choose the new provost.

      Dr. El-Kikhia announced that a university-wide committee is in the process of revising the HOP (Handbook of Operating Procedures), which had not been revised since 1992. He stated that when all proposed revisions are completed, the document will be provided to the Faculty Senate and general faculty for their review. Dr. El-Kikhia emphasized that no additions to the HOP will be implemented without the approval of the Faculty Senate. Senators determined that the Faculty Senate should review the HOP first but not make any changes until the document is sent to the general faculty for review.

      A motion was made for the Faculty Senate to review the HOP first but not to make any changes before it is sent to the general faculty.

      Seconded. Approved.

      Dr. El-Kikhia announced that he has been appointed chair-elect of the University of Texas Systems Faculty. His replacement on the University of Texas Systems Faculty is Amy Jasperson, and her alternate is Betty Travis.

    3. B. Secretary of the General Faculty - Dr. Sandy Norman
    4. Dr. Sandy Norman announced that the General Faculty has not yet met this year. Issues the group will discuss include campus security and football. The faculty is concerned that football will lead to a reduction in resources for academics.

      Dr. Norman said that the campus as a whole needs to know what to do about potential security problems on campus and how to respond if a problem occurs. He suggested inviting David Hernandez, chief of police, to speak to the Faculty Senate or to the University Assembly. To promote security, members also recommended increasing counseling services as a preventive measure.

      Dr. Norman asked faculty to inform him of any other issues requiring attention. Issues raised at the meeting included the library not keeping pace and the lack of parking on campus, which is affecting classes and students.

    5. Unfinished Business
    6. Dr. Rena Bizios expressed concerns about the way the provost search is being handled and the composition of the committee. Dr. El-Kikhia acknowledged her concerns. He requested that she send her concerns to him, and he said he would keep her informed.

    7. Committees
      1. University Curriculum Committee-Dr. Robert Renthal
      2. The University Curriculum Committee recommended approval of five Core Curriculum Course Proposals-Math 1194, Biology 1233, Biology 1243, Biology 1404, and Biology 1413.

        Motion to approve all policies as presented made, seconded, and approved.

        The University Curriculum Committee recommended that the Faculty Senate reject the proposal for a Bachelor of Arts in University Studies. The reasons for the rejection were that there are already interdisciplinary programs on campus and that this program does not seem fully developed.

        Motion made to approve the Committee's rejection of proposal. Seconded. Approved.

        The University Curriculum Committee recommended approval of the proposal to change the name of BAAS in Early Childhood and Literacy Studies to BAAS in Infancy and Childhood Studies.

        Motion made to approve proposal. Seconded. Approved.

        The University Curriculum committee recommended approval of the proposal for a bilingual business certificate to be included in the 2008-2010 UTSA undergraduate catalog.

        Motion made to approve all policies as presented made, seconded, and approved.

    8. Graduate Consent Calendar
    9. The new chair of the Graduate Council, William McCrary, was not present for introduction.

    10. Committee Elections
    11. POST ELECTION RESULTS (*indicates new members elected at the September 13,2007, Faculty Senate meeting)

      Officers and Executive Committee
      Mansour EI-Kikhia Chair
      Aaron Cassill Past Chair
      *Rocky Shih Vice Chair
      Sandy Norman Secretary of the General Faculty
      *Diane Abdo Secretary
      Raydel Tullous * Parliamentarian
      *Karen Williams College of Business
      *Patricia McGee College of Education and Human Development
      *John Simonis College of Engineering
      *Kirsten Gardner College of Liberal and Fine Arts
      *Diane Rahm College of Public Policy
      *Robert Renthal College of Science
      John Thompson College of Architecture
      Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee
      Armando Arciniega CoS
      Mary Ellen Garcia CoLFA
      * Sara Deturk CoLFA
      Marl Leung CoB
      Patrick McDaniel CoEHD
      Michael V. Miller CoLFA
      Sandy Norman CoS
      Alan R. Shoho CoEHD
      Suzanne Winter CoEHD
      Committee on Operating Procedures
      Manuel Berriozabal CoS
      Mansour EI-Kikhia CoLFA
      Daniel Engster CoLFA
      * Jolyn Mikow CoPP
      *Rick Tangum CoA
      John McCray CoB
      *Rena Bizios CoE
      *Eduardo Jimenez CoEHD
      Nominating, Elections, and Procedures Committee
      Albert Arroyo CoE
      Rajendra Boppana CoS
      Cheatwood Adrian CoPP
      Michael Gilbert CoPP
      Diane Hays CoS
      Mariela Rodriguez CoEHD
      Heywood Sanders CoPP
      L.J. Strum CoB
      David Silvera CoB
      *Jose Jimenez CoA
      * Amy Jasperson CoLFA
    12. Open Forum
  5. New Business
  6. Dr. El-Kikhia asked senators to provide agenda items for future Faculty Senate meetings .. Suggestions included inadequate parking, library improvements, and university- wide guidelines for promotion and merit raises.

  7. Adjournment